Sunday, November 4, 2012

I'm shouting your name out loud, so loud, it's a chemical reaction...

Looking at these pics, it feels like this day was forever ago, even though technically it's only been a week and a half. Geo and I took a little mini break from the crazy, hectic, lives we lead to spend the day in Santa Barbara. 
The day could not have gone any better. Although, I was hoping it would be a slightly bit cooler-considering it's the beach and all. But other than that, we had lunch at our absolute favorite restaurant Olio Pizzeria, and walked up and down State St., until our poor feet couldn't take it anymore. 
Took the train back home, had a lovely sushi dinner, and caught up on Boardwalk Empire. 

All in all, a pretty standout day. Wish we could do it more often. :)


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