Monday, March 30, 2009

You are the reason I still believe...

The boy and I saw "Wristcutters: A Love Story" last night. I know it came out like two years ago, so we're a little late, but we've been hearing so many good things that we felt like it was time. We both thoroughly enjoyed it. It has such an interesting plot line, it's hard not to get into it. I absolutely loved Shannyn Sossamon's style throughout. It was very relaxed, and very edgy-bohemian. I've been a fan of hers for a long time, so I was extremely happy to see her in such a well-recieved film. She also made me contemplate cutting my hair like her...just for a little bit. I know most of my readers are huge fans of the hair...but I just want to let you all know now, that there will be some cuttage going on pretty soon due to the show I'm in. Not necessarily that short, but there will be some length removed. I'm used to drastic changes with the hair...

In a matter of 2 months, I went from this:

to this:

This was back in 2005-2006. Talk about ringing in the new year! And having my mom almost faint at the sight of me. Geez! If it wasn't for the fact that I'll be graduating in May, and that my mother would cry if I went this short again...I would chop it all off Katy Perry status. Oh well, we'll just have to see what happens. Tata for now, gorgeous readers! xoxo

Friday, March 27, 2009

I seek you out

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I need to find a really GREAT pair of cropped boots. It seems like most of the boots I own are mid-calf to tall. And unfortunately I got rid of my gorgeous black ankle boots last year, and I have yet to find another one to satisfy my ankle boot needs (the Sam Edelman harness boots, and Colin Stuart studded are way too expensive for my budget). But I would have to say that the biggest regret of all, is when I donated my awesome Dr. Martins back in high school. Note Emma Roberts wearing a pair in that top picture. How was I supposed to know they would be coming back? I was even teased for having them in the first place. Everybody said they looked too grunge. Oh well, I'll just have to grab another pair. Perhaps this time I'll get a pair in pink. :p


They're quite cute.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Bottom of Your Heart

Let the Sunshine In...
What a gorgeous day it is today. I feel so thankful the sun's out, because it's been so cold and windy lately that I had to skip out on class yesterday. My throat was sore and I didn't feel like doing ANYTHING at all- except watch Gossip Girl, and all the other shows I've been missing due to rehearsal. So yay for warm weather, and gorgeous flowy dresses!





Crochet Dress-Angie/Tribal Necklace-Vintage/Gladiators-Blowfish

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Come As You Are...

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Can I please look like this every single day for the rest of my life?!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Sum of All Your Parts

Family Sunday. I wish Geo didn't have to work today, so that he could've hung out with me and my family. They miss him. Shoot-I miss him, and I live with the guy! Hung out at the bookstore, as per usual-waiting around for our movie to start. Saw "Knowing" which was actually ok. I thought it was going to be the stupidest film. Plus, I kind of have an aversion to Nicholas Cage. So, the combination of that with the fact that it's a sci-fi/horror flick, made it completely unappealing. However, with much convincing from my dad, I gave it a shot, and came out pleasantly surprised.





My sissy poo. Completely tired from the day from walking around and being my unofficial paparazzi. Ain't she cute?! As you can see, we have a totally different sense of style. But I guess that comes with age as well. Although, when I was her age, I was way more into dresses and heels, than she is at 17. But she is still quite the stylish hipster.

Great day. My tummy is happy from good thai food, and my heart is happy from being with the fam bam. xoxo

On Me: Navy Peacoat-F21/Dress-TwelvebyTwelve/Belt-Vintage/Tights-UO/Boots-Guess by Marciano
On Victoria: Cord Blazer-Vintage/Beatles Tee-F21/Jeans and hoodie-Thrifted/Chuck Taylors/Bag-Nine West

Friday, March 20, 2009

All of the Boys, and all of the Girls are beggin' to...


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Jessica Szohr in Lucky Mag. I love everything about this outfit. I especially want the floral corset top and the red sandals. Gorgeous. Very Spring.

Image Hosted by

Emma Watson. This makes me feel quite old. I remember when she was only 10 years old. And now she's traipsing around wearing corsets, and underwear in sexy photoshoots. I'm not going to lie-it's a little off-putting but she looks great, doesn't she? I especially like smearing of the makeup. Makes me inspired to do a similar photo shoot.

Image Hosted by

Kate Bosworth. I've never really been a fan of hers-acting or otherwise. But during the promotional tour for Superman Returns, she wore this gorgeous dress to the UK premiere (I forget who it's by) and my jaw dropped to the floor. It seriously makes me want to tear a big scoop in the back of ALL my dresses.


I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Can't read my poker face...

Happy Saint Patty's Day!!!

I wasn't exactly festive today. I did wear green, but not enough to garner a post. So my friend, Danielle will be featured instead of me-wearing the cutest green dress in the world, taken in quite possibly the greenest room in the world. :p


As for me...


This was taken yesterday before heading to improv. I was so proud of George for finalizing his workshop, so I wanted to take my outfit post in it. Ah...true love, I tell ya. My tights seriously pull focus from anything-they're so bright.

Monday night was filled with great TV. Gossip Girl came back with a new episode, but before I get to that, The City's season finale aired. Attention must be paid. Though I am glad The Hills is returning next month, there is something about The City that is so much more awe-inspiring. Perhaps it's the clothes, or the architecture, or the lifestyle. New York has always been a city I've been passionate about. Maybe I just have to face facts, and come to the realization that although I'm carefree and love the bohemian lifestyle which LA definitely provides-I'm more of an Olivia girl at heart. Just saying it stabs my heart into a million pieces, because LA will always be my home. But it's true...I do prefer looking more put-together over haphazard. And although I have a budding Fedora collection-I own only ONE flannel shirt. My favorite designer is Chanel, and I prefer dinner parties over bars/clubs. That's me in a nutshell. Who knows? Knowing me, I'll probably change it up again (I'm wearing purple tights in the picture above for God's sakes!). My style is ever-changing...but preferring to look chic and sophisticated will remain the same.

Some Fashion highlights from the 1st Season


How appropriate for this dress to be featured in the very 1st episode. It's so LA, but still has a bit of a New York vibe to it as well. Good Job, Whit! She's fitting in just fine.

Whitney with bf, Jay. I love everything about this look. The tights, the boots, the boyfriend blazer. There's such a relaxed attitude about it, yet it's still incredibly edgy and chic.

And then there's that couch! That couch I always smack Geo's arm for, every time I see it. The couch that makes me drool all over myself like a dog. It's absolutely gorgeous. And I'm such a sucker for L-Shaped couches!


The faux-fur vest she's wearing looks so incredibly warm. For the way my body's temperature fluctuates, I say it's the perfect article of clothing. Just throw it on when it gets too cold-or take it off when it gets disgusting. Plus, it just screams chic.

You all have read of my fascination and adoration for the Diane von Furstenberg blazer a couple of posts back, so this should not be a surprise.

In a perfect world, my apartment would look as immaculate as Olivia's apartment...or Olivia Palermo herself, for that matter. But alas, I'll just continue dreaming of it, hoping to make it a reality in the future.

Back to GG...the episode was hot, but not as hot as Blair Waldorf's (aka Olivia Palermo reincarnated) clothes! Is it just me or have they been making Blake Lively's character sort of 2nd rate to Leighton Meester's. Well deserved I say, Meester is a better actor, and is absolutely gorgeous. Although, I wouldn't mind rummaging through Serena Van Der Wooden's closet anytime...see what I mean, about the whole indecisive style issue?

That's all for now...To all who are going out to celebrate, please drink accordingly. Tata. xoxo

On Danielle: Tartan Dress-Luella for Target
On Me: Tee-AA/Vest-F21/Shorts-Vintage Gap/Tights-F21/Boots-Guess by Marciano

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Light Years Away




Finally an outfit post. With rehearsals every night, it makes me really unmotivated to get creative with my style. Especially if I know I'll only end up sweating in it. Last night, the beau and I attended a party for all of our theatre people. Those are always fun, and since I'm a huge homebody, they're really the only times I get to dress up and be fancy. My gal pals Siera and Danielle and I decided to wear dresses. And since I haven't worn my Bebe bandage dress since my 23rd birthday party last year-I decided to bust it out and reinvent it a bit. So those pics are basically the outcome of that.

I want to thank everyone for all the sweet comments lately. I wish I can sit and comment back to all of you individually, but alas I cannot. So I'm sending out a worldwide xoxo for everyone.

Who else is excited for new episodes of Gossip Girl tomorrow? I sure am. It's been way too long.

On Me: Pinstripe Blazer-F21/Black Tank-Hanes/Dress (Underneath)-Bebe/Shoes-Bakers
On Danielle: Leather Jacket-H&M/Dress-Alexander McQueen for Target/Leggings-Target
On Siera: Ruffled Dress-Target/Black Cardigan-Gap/Wedges-American Eagle

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bad Ass

I wish it was in HQ. My camera was acting up all throughout improv class. I had the most fun. I was a little worried that the song I decided to lip synch to was too vulgar, and would be offensive to some people. But I think a lot of people thoroughly enjoyed it, even my professor. I'm proud that I took a risk. It's not in the video, because my camera died, but I end up stage punching the hubby. I'm quite pleased with myself, and it feels so good to have that over and done with.

Speaking of being over and done school years are 2 1/2 months from over. I attended grad fest and ordered my cap and gown, and officially became a member of the Alumni Association. Yikes. I need to start looking for a job, asap. And get new headshots.

I love Wednesday Nights. Especially when I have it off...America's Next Top Model, Make me a Supermodel, and American Idol. Yeehaw!


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Does it look as pretty in the light?


This picture makes me miss my Kate. We both have been trying to find really good headbands, and I came across Little Doe. They have a wonderful selection of handmade, uniquely crafted headbands that are absolutely gorgeous, I could not stand it! It's too bad the headbands range from $250-400. That's money I just don't have right now (and probably won't have for awhile)...and of course, the practical side of me would probably use that money for rent haha.

Tomorrow is going to be an amazing day. Grad Fest. And lip synchs. A video of that will be going up soon after...I know this sounds rather cryptic right now, but it will all makes sense soon enough.


Saturday, March 7, 2009

Oh What a Day!

I had the greatest day. A much-needed family day commenced and it was such a joy to be around them. Especially my sister, who although 6 years my junior, is a heckuvahlot better dresser than yours truly. I've gotten so much inspiration from her throughout the years, that it's a bit of a shame we don't live together anymore. Another unfortunate thing of not living together is NO double wardrobe-which was always nice.

Walking around old town Burbank. It's always nice in Burbank. They have the mall right next door (even though it's not that great), parking is always free, and their Urban Outfitters is HUGE! My sis, the skinny model. I wish she were a little taller though, and 18-because apparently next season of ANTM, they're looking for girls 5'7" and below. I wanted to apply, but filming starts in April, and I'm in the middle of a show right now. That wouldn't have been wise.

Rummaging through the sale racks. I talked her out of getting this vintage looking backpack. It was on sale, but was still kinda ridiculous. And she talked me out of getting this pink, sequined, scalloped vest, which was super cute. Even my dad was kind of into it, but in the end-I made a very wise decision not to get it. I have to hold onto what's left of my money. Or lack thereof.

What a mess! I really need a good pair of moccasin flats.

I really really really want that chair in my home. Right now. I'm kind of have this obsession with Union Jacks. Just a lil'. *Note the belt I'm wearing. :)

I'm not gonna lie. I totally knew this picture was being taken. Lol :p

What a great day! I hope you all had just as great a day I did. xoxo

On Me: Leather Jacket-F21/Gray Tunic-UO/Tights-Target/Boots-Randolph Duke/Belt-Husbandee's UO/Purse-Franco Sarto
On Victoria: Bomber Jacket-Vintage/Tunic-Vintage/Sunglasses-Esprit/Bag-Nine West/Ankle Fringe Boots-Minnetonka/Jeans-Thrifted/Beanie-UO

Thursday, March 5, 2009


I did look quite cute today, but I wasn't in the mood to do anything with my face. Sometimes, I wake up in the morning and unless I'm really into what I'm doing that day-I just don't feel like putting any makeup on. Therefore, there will be no pictures of what I looked like today. Perhaps this weekend. My family is coming out to see me, and we're probably going to do something quite exhilarating. I hope so...I'm in desperate need of some exhilaration.

Some inspiring pics from other blogs:

Alexa Chung. When I thought this girl couldn't impress me more. I absolutely loved her pics from this mag. It showed off just how fun she is, and shows us how one can look good even while on a tight budget. Plus, I think I really want to wear that hat on a regular basis.

How hot is this? I love the exposed zipper, and the exposed back-obviously! It's so sexy yet chic at the same time. Makes me want to go out and party.

Balmain Fall 09. He's brilliant. I just can't get enough of Balmain. Every time I see his line, my jaw drops, and I begin to note which pieces I loved most, which of them I can find cheaper, and which I can recreate on my own.

Another fave Balmain look.

Natalie Portman in all of her Audrey Hepburn glory. She's sort of been my ultimate inspiration lately. I have to do a funny skit next week, which she was in, and so I'm trying to channel her energy through me. Haha. That's corny, right? Anything to help me perform confidently. I love everything about this-it's just so classic. Really-how can you go wrong?

okay, so I must write this paper that I have due tomorrow. I haven't started and have no clue what I'm writing about. Wish me luck.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Last Twenty Dollars




I had a very good weekend, except for the fact that the hubby is sicky. But being at the mall yesterday made me realize how broke I really am. I spent my last $20 on this wonderful chocolate brown blazer. I saw it and freaked because it reminded me so much of Whitney Port and Olivia Palermo's DVF versions...

I've been quite obsessed with Olivia Palermo at the moment. She's so chic, and gorgeous, and witty. Love her. Such an inspiration. I wish my sister had cable, because I miss watching shows with her and talking about them. Perhaps I should get her to go on and catch up on The City episodes.


Blazer-Spense/ Tunic-F21/Ring & Earrings-Vintage/Jeans-Levi's/Boots-Guess by Marciano


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