Sunday, July 15, 2012

Tell me I'm your National Anthem...

Hello y'all! I realize that this is a very late 4th of July post-11 days late to be exact-but late is better than never, right? And considering this is my 2nd favorite holiday of the year (1st is Christmas, of course!) I had to blog about it. So here it is, in all of it's red, white and blue glory. I started prepping for it 2 weeks in advance by making my own flag shoes. I was inspired by one of my best friends, who purchased a pair of plain white Toms look-alikes at a Rite Aid of all places-and customized it with her own art. I saw a picture of the actual Flag Toms selling on their site for $70. Absolutely did not want to spend that much money, so I took a red and blue sharpie to the plain white ones I got at Rite Aid, and there ya have it! I was pretty friggin pleased with the result. 
Kate had her annual 4th of July party in their beautiful backyard, and I was beyond excited to see that she had put up her huge flag, just for me! Needless to say, it created a wonderful backdrop for a lot of our pictures. And the food...omg, the spread was beyond amazing. That was pretty much all I did at the party- was eat. 

Could you tell I was going for a very retro feel with my look that day. My curls had died by the time I got to the party. But I was super inspired by Lana Del Rey. Especially after seeing her National Anthem video. 

Hope you all had a lovely Independence Day! Can't wait for next year! Xo.

Vintage Levi's distressed shorts/ Cotton On sheer white button down/DIY shoes

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Kiss me hard before you go...

Hello lovelies. I have been having quite an amazing summer so far, so apologies if I have been deserting this ole blog again. I'm way behind as usual, as these pictures are from about 2 weeks ago. My sister's best friend, Veronica came to LA to visit for a week, and I took them out for a day to experience what LA has to offer. We did the usual shopping, eating, etc...but I took them to Yamashiro's Farmer's Market - where we got to eat some amazing food whilst looking over Hollywood. All in all, it was a pretty packed day and I loved being their little tour guide. 

Also, the amazing boutique where I used to work, now has a website!! They've got amazing new pieces for the summer, so go check it out!

Timeless Mint cutout sweater/hm jeans/BrandyMelville bracelets/F21 necklace


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