Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Highways Flew By...

The Met Ball was the other night, and it always excites me to see what my favorite celebrity style muses were able to conjure up for the wonderful evening. My faves from the night.

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Leighton Meester. There are a lot of people who think this deserves to be burned, but I think it exudes confidence beyond her years. I admire her for taking a risk. She looks gorgeous!

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Diane Kruger. I wish I had a dress like this for Graduation. :)

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Kate Bosworth. I love the lacy-ness of the dress. It's very old hollywood glamour, and it fits her quite seamlessly.

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Rachel Bilson. A huge improvement from last year's space suit/mermaid/thing. Teal has always been a good color on her. And even though the dress is a bit boring-she still pulls it off with ease.

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Ashley Olsen-"OH shit!" That was my expression when I first saw her. I couldn't even believe it was her! The front looked so plain, but goddess-like at the same time. And then she turns around, and there it is! The design, the cut, the color-everything is just spotless!


In other news, Anything Goes is over and done with. And of course, I am a little sad about it. Mainly because it'll probably be the last theatre show I do in awhile. Especially since I will be embarking on a more commercial/film career path. I've been doing theatre for a long time now, and there are aspects of it that I'll surely miss-but I feel like my look and subtle way of acting will definitely be more beneficial in film and tv. But I miss my cast already, and I will certainly miss CSUN. This is my last week of school...ever. It's a strange feeling.

Yesterday was Danielle's birthday, so we decided to do an impromptu photoshoot out on the hill.

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I love them, and will miss them so much once I'm done. But as sad as that is-we know we'll be keeping in touch, and I will certainly come visit them in their shows as often as I can. Two weeks from today-I will be a bachelor's degree holder! Holy cow!

On Siera: All Urban Outfitters/Boots-Unknown
On Danielle: Dress-Target/Belt-Vintage/Boots-Minnetonka/Sunglasses-Ray Bans
On Me: Dress (tucked in)-Free People/Shorts-Vintage Gap/Boots-Vintage/Sunglasses-F21


LipstickOne said...

sorry, i thought rachel bilson looked cheap. booo! lol

Elizabeth Victoria C said...

Leighton looked amazing!! At first I thought she was Drew Barrymore, I'm not used to the new blonde hair! Ashley was my fav look for sure. And Rachel looked amazing, I love her style, but I feel like I've seen her wear something like this before! Your choices are all awesome xx

naomi megan. said...

you guys looks adorable on the lawn and i agree with you on leighton! she looks awesome!!

amy@flyingakite.blogspot.com said...

I did not know that was Leighton! Wow!!!! I admire her so much more for wearing that, it looks fabulous, speaking of looking good, girl you always look stunning and so nicely put together. :) oxoxox

love love love
hope to hear from you xo

Shin said...

I love Diane Kruger's dress the best! Ashley was one of my favorites of the night. She can do no wrong! You girls look so fun and pretty in the pictures below! xxoxoxxo

Jodes said...

you and your friends are way too adorable and chic.
and i agree.
that ashley dress is beyond words.
great blog, lady!

Cupcakes and Cashmere said...

leighton looks like a precious doll and diane sure does know how to dress for her body!

paperbag said...

holy. haha. i also go to csun. i'm excited to find another blogger from our school. congrats on graduation . only two more weeks!

feather hunter said...

love this post! its awesome! ashleys hair cut is soooooo good! i love love love your boots. also i'll find out where my dad got the 'keep calm carry on' poster from and get back to you asap

Emz said...

Your photo shoot looked so fun!! I loved Leighton's outfit on a second look, and the rest of the outfits were fabulous too!

C.Chico said...

i'm lovin kate bosworth's dress.

and you and ur girls are adorable!

elle victoire said...

I agree with all your favourites! Rachel looked stunning with pin straight hair and Leighton looked so un-Blair and lovely :)

so? said...

wowww ashley olsen. argh. amazing.
god pics. but I also wasn't a huge fan of Bilson.
love your blog

Carolina Botelho said...

3 stylish and beautiful girls! love your boots! :)xx

Ingrid. said...

I love all these dresses! but rachel bilson looked a lil tacky maybe.

gennie said...

oh I loved Diane Kruger's look as well!! she is always so impeccable!

I can't believe you prefer rain. I am so jealous of the weather you get to experience everyday!!

Rebecca said...

Diane Kruger looks amazing
i also love love love the top you have on in them photos xxx

NICOLE said...

Lovely blog! I too loved Leighton's ensemble :) xoxo, Nicole

Blanquita G said...

all this outfit is fantastic, i love diane´s dress. fantastic pictures!

Stacy said...

i love leighton's tights and your shorts looks great!


Sydnie said...

I actually really like Leighton's outfit, too! She's so daring ... I love her.


Natasha said...

You three look like your'e having some fun!


esther said...

KATE BOSWORTH!! wow. wowow.

love your little shoot...it's adorable.

May Kasahara said...


eveline fashion-diary said...

you looked so beautifull girls!!!
so lovely and nice!

i agree. ashley ... damn she look perfect.

nice choices sweetie!


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