Thursday, July 2, 2009

Don't stop til you get enough


Circa early 2006

Back when I had edge...

I leave for Palm Springs for 4th of July weekend (really more like 5 days). I hope everyone has a safe and happy one. I'm also going to make it my personal goal to wear red lipstick the entire trip. Let's see how successful I am. ;p


Damsels said...

your hair cut is utterly fierce!

Yuka said...

omg i thought you cut your hair. it looks amazing like this though!
have fun and be safe!

deep_in_vogue said...

wow you look amazing!! Take lots of pics and have the greatest time in Palm Springs! xox

frannie said...

Oooh rockstar! Love that look.

Hope you had a great time!! :D

katherinelou said...

ahhh when i saw this i really thought you cut your hair!
it really suits you though!
have fun in palm springs!
oH! and did you happen to get the $15 dress at h&m :) cause i really hope you did!

Rebecca said...

good luck with the lipstick, have an amazing time xxx

[LA] said...


Thanks so much for visit me! =)

LoveMarksTheSpot said...

you're adorable.


Anonymous said...

have a wonderful timee!!!

Ashleigh said...

gorgeous ;)
wonderful hair cut


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