Monday, October 12, 2009

Taken the shadows, and replaced them with your face...

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Yesterday afternoon, my honey and I-along with Siera and Dana-decided to see a show in Hollywood. The play was called Tape by Stephen Belber, and it had a couple of our friends involved (on stage and off). The play itself was really good, really well acted. However, one of the people in the cast happened to be an ex-friend of mine, who I haven't spoken to in about 4 months. The reunion turned out to be as cordial as it could be in that situation, but I guess I was expecting something else from her end. Needless to say, it was an entertaining, good afternoon. Apart from Geo's phone going missing which he still hasn't gotten a hold of...:(

These pictures were taken in the alley behind the theatre. We were there super early, so we wanted to kill some time. :p

On Siera: Silence and Noise for UO blazer/Hanes tanks (layered)/Sidecca Jeans/Unknown Scarf and wedges/Various bracelets
On Dana: Buffalo Exchange Teal Peacoat/Vintage Belt
On Me: F21 Moto Jacket/Petticoat Alley Top/H&M Jeans/Guess By Marciano Boots

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Rebecca said...

ooo lainey, amazing photos, i love the first ones, just catching up on your blog, ive missed it x


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