Monday, July 26, 2010

You could be my silver spring...







Yes, yes, I've been M.I.A. I hate to say it, but work has sort of taken over my life. In a good, and not so good way.  Don't get me wrong, I love my job-but it's just exhausting some days. I've been wanting to see my girls for awhile now. Especially since Kristina was in NY and Siera went to Minnesota for 3 weeks. But finally, we were able to get together at our favorite all around good vibe/good drinks/good food place-BJ's! Mmm...I could eat everything on their menu. I wish Kate could've been with us too, but unfortunately she was out of town. Anyway, we were out celebrating a really big event that just happened in my life. I won't say what it is for privacy issues-but it's something I've been waiting a long time for. I'm so thankful and so lucky that 2010 is exactly how I pictured it to be. Next up-getting an agent! Can't wait to constantly put myself out there. Hopefully someone/something will bite. After all, my friends do think I'm pretty special. ;)


Me: F21 top and skirt/ Steve Madden shoes/ Fossil watch/Vintage ring
Siera: Old Navy jeggings/F21 top/Steve Madden clogs
Kristina: H&M cardi/F21 top, skirt and necklace/Jeffrey Campbell clogs
Danielle: F21 top and tutu/Target pumps


Debby said...

I love your hair! And your outfit is sooo cute!
xoxo Debby

minnja said...

You all look great and it looks like great fun:)))

Style State of Mind said...

still love that we all match :)

let's do another REALLY soon, so we can take more cute pics! i haven't updated my profile pic (until just now) since graduation!

love you and congrats! xoxo

Beth said...

As always, your hair and skin are both flawless!

Give us a hint as to what the good news is!

Shop T.O. Live said...

I'm really curious, but I understand the whole privacy issue.

You look so gorgeous (as always), I agree with the above comment ...'flawless' is the perfect word!

jamie-lee said...

you look so sweet! xx

Anonymous said...

I like all the outfits, you're all so beautiful :)

N. said...

you are very nice girl! and your blog is prefect ♥

Kookie B. said...

you girls all look chic!!! awww, it's nice to have fellow fashionista girlfriends.

ari said...

love your outfit! love the mix of patterns. and I have to say love all of your footwear, especially your steve madden shoes and your friend's brown clogs, they look lovely in that color.


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