Saturday, March 5, 2011

Fire kites drifting through the skies

This post contains some serious sisterly love-and a great deal of pictures to prove it. ;)



(Vintage jacket/F21 top/H&M hat/Silence and Noise jeggings/Sam Edelman clogs)





(Vintage top and boots/Givenchy tights/Calvin Klein cut-offs/F21 necklace and hat)






Yesterday was pretty perfect to be completely honest. I got to spend time with my sister, who I maybe see once a month now :(, and we ended up doing a little impromptu photo shoot. A big kudos goes to my mom who was patient enough to shoot 2 cameras that afternoon. I can't wait to see how the ones on her camera turned out. But really, it was such a gorgeous day-and I'm so happy I now have these amazing pictures of me and Victoria. I'm thinking of blowing one up poster-size to put in my office. Which one should it be? I can't get over how amazing my sister is. She's got more style in her pinky than anyone else I know. She knows her aesthetic and works it beautifully.

(Winter Kate "Jasmine" kimono/Geo's hat)


Later that evening I was extremely lucky to spend time with my best friend as well, whom I also haven't seen in awhile. Can you believe we used to live a stone's throw away from one another, and now we live 3 cities away? I know it doesn't sound like much, but it's a great distance when you're constantly working and busy with other things. But last night was the cd release party of The Absolute, which happens to be her little sister's boyfriend's band. They were absolutely amazing. Go check 'em out, if you guys get a chance!

P.S. There's nothing better than In-N-Out, when you're really hungry and everything else is closed.  xoxo


Style of a Fashionista said...

Looks like you had a great day spent with the people you love the most. You and your sister both look super stylish gorgeous pictures and a great post xoxo

Judy C said...

You and your sister are both beautiful. And you are so lucky to have a sister. I'm an only and I don't like it.

Clara said...

lovely blog! :)

Vision of a Dreamer said...

Love it!

Kisses from

Thekla said...

love the post:)

naughtymess said...

lovely photos! looks so nice and warrrrm

Taylor Sterling said...

such a beautiful pair of sisters you two make. I love the looks and the pretty sunlight!!

Margaret said...

So, I absolutely love your blog. What a cute post- you and your sister are so stylish : )

ChiccaStyle said...

Great shots and amazing leopard coat!!!

Juley said...

Love the editorial look of this post! I've been wanting to do something like this for some time. And I can't believe our blouse is from F21 - it could really pass for something from Zara.


Judy Nguyen said...

Love the red lipstick

Laura @ The World Looks Red said...

These pictures are amazing! I wish I had a sister.


You guys are too cute!Just came across your blog this!Also you practically chose every Oscar dress I chose to feature on the blog (good mind's think alike)

Veronica said...

Wonderful pics!!:)
I love the header, so cool!
Follow me? I'd be very happy if you do it!
Thank you so much!

Rubi Ortiz said...

i love your coat!

Christine @ Fash n Chips said...

Gorgeous photos, you and your sister are both stunning! :)

Nubiasnonsense said...

I adore the hats they look fab on you ladies.. also I like the patten on the stockings. super cute

Kristal Elise said...

I wish I had a sister to take photos with, love the shoot you girls did and great looks also xx


pop by the blog and enter our Giveaway to WIN a Vintage Moschino Letter Belt :)))

Villa Bisono said...


I just found your blog and you look adorable! The red lips really suits you...I am now following! I just started a new blog so I hope you can check it out and support.

xoxo from NYC~

ari said...

love the photo shoot with your sister! makes me wish I had a sister! :(
you both are sooo cutez!
love the leopard faux fur.
oh yes, you can shop Jenny Dayco Jewelry on her online store here:

and that black cross necklace is my fave too!


shopahallic said...

Love these photos! It makes me miss my sister so much.



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