Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I change shapes just to hide in this place...



Boring uniform pictures from yesterday. This is what I wear on a regular basis...when I'm not dressing up to go out and be glamorous. My go-to striped shirt and my utilitarian coat/jacket. Pretty conventional but comfy at the same time. 


Free People jacket/ Zara striped tee


Anonymous said...

<3 comfort stripped t's.
I like that you posted what you wear for comfort when you're not dressed up and dolled up. It's your comfort post that makes me feel that you can still look cute in comfort.

<3 Krissy

Tink In My Closet said...

Theres a hidden interest in these shots.. maybe it just your pretty face:)

Devon said...

Great outfit! Very chic and comfy x

Anonymous said...

i love stripped shirt!

esther said...

you always look beautiful.

i love my striped tee too.

Beth said...

I always say stripes are classic. I've got a similar go to outfit! It's always comforting to have that one outfit you can always rely on.


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