Tuesday, September 6, 2011

She's the only one I got...

(Wasteland lace kimono/F21 tank/Life in Progress jeans/Vintage necklace/Timeless fringe bag/Jeffrey Campbell Foxy)

(UO men's tee/Vintage biker vest, skirt, belt and Louis Vuitton clutch/Assorted jewelry/DIY feather piece/Jeffrey Campbell Lita)






Yesterday was girls day. My mom, sister and I spent the day shopping, eating and taking pictures as always in our beloved Pasadena. But prior to that, I thought I would surprise my sister with the pair of shoes she's been coveting for the past year now-the Jeffrey Campbell Lita in taupe suede. Needless to say there was a lot of screaming and jumping up and down involved. I was so happy to see my sister that elated, that it made the purchase worth every penny. Happy Back to School sissy! 

On my front, I got a 2nd job with an amazing company called Timeless. I felt so blessed and proud of how well I've been doing lately that I decided to reward myself with a pair of JC's as well, except I decided to go with the Foxy's. They're pretty comfortable (stood and walked around for 4 hours straight) but the Litas are more comfy (Victoria was in them for 6 hours straight and didn't have to change) so who knows? I'll probably have to succumb to them eventually. ;)

Hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day weekend! 
P.S. One of my dearest friends is getting married on Saturday, and I cannot wait. I love you, Danielle! 



Victoria said...

Yayayayayyyy! Love you! :D

<3, V



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big kiss

Amber said...

I looove that second outfit... I really love that red skirt. So gorgeous.

Halie said...

Oh wow, both of those looks are sick! http://halielandry.blogspot.com/

The Annachrist said...

YES love both looks! Incredibly styled.

Tesa said...

love both of the looks!!

Jo said...

You are both so well dressed! <3 I love the round glasses especially!

Lost in the Haze

The little world of fashion said...

Lovely style!


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