Sunday, April 26, 2009

Bon Voyage

Long time no blog...I feel like it's been forever since I last posted an entry. It's not like I've had any time. As most of you know, just from reading my last entry, I've been heavily involved in tech week/opening weekend of my show Anything Goes! It's been amazing, and I feel so blessed to have been apart of such a great experience. For now the cast and crew have a two day break, and then come Wednesday-we're back on, running the show til next Sunday. For now, here's a taste of what I've been doing...



It feels good to be in a show with my man again. It's been awhile.


Meet the Angels: (L to R) Charity, Virtue, Purity and Chastity.


Can I just say how much I want this sequined dress! Almost all of our costumes were made from scratch! I can do without those bubblegum shoes though. lol.


Grabbing a midnight snack from Dennys with my girlfriends. We celebrated two of my best friends' birthdays as well.


Finally owning the faux-Alexander Wangs, I've been craving since they came out. The consensus is we are meant to be.

Finally...some pics from the show itself.


I'm in the purple.



My babe is the best actor. I look up to him. And man, can he SING! But I'm not biased or anything. :p


I hope you all enjoyed this post. I'm sorry for the lack of outfits but they'll be back soon, I promise. xoxo

Purple Tank-H&M/Skirt-F21/Faux Wangs-F21


Anonymous said...

thank you, congrats on the show, and very pretty pictures!

Miss Eve said...

Great pictures and you look gorgeous! Must be a wonderful show :-)

Rebecca said...

these are amazing, all your outfits they put you in are so nice, xxxxxx

geisharock said...

Love the faux wangs :)The sparkly dresses are fabulous! Thats so sweet that you and your man can perform together xoxo

Robynne said...

I love anything goes!! I do musicals too! This is cool and you look great.


Yuka said...

you guys all look so glamorous! you and your man make a gorgeous pair.

eveline fashion-diary said...

wow girl!
how cute :)

you look amazing on the stage.
love it!!!

take care :)

Joelyne said...

ohh wow! fabulous photos!!!


Song of Style said...

u look AMAZING

Natasha said...

Looks like a great show!!

Vintage Me New You said...

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Anonymous said...

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