Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Crack a Bottle

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Spring Break has been going great so far. Yesterday, my friend Danielle and I went over to Beverly Hills to get her hair chopped off. We got there kinda early so we waltzed over to Rodeo Drive, pretended we were tourists, and took a bunch of random pictures. I wish I had some kind of professional camera to really capture the beauty of that place. Rodeo Drive has always been kind of a dream-like place for me. Even as a child, I didn't know if it really did exist-it's so clean, so white, so shiny. But it does exist, and now I'll forever have proof.

At the Kevin Josephson salon, Janice Dickinson walks in and starts obnoxiously mouthing off like she owned the place. You know how people wonder if strong tv personalities act the same way away from the camera? Well in her case-it's true. She is EXACTLY the same as she is on her show, and on America's Next Top Model. Sheesh. I wanted to video her, but didn't for fear of getting bitch-slapped in the process. Whatever. The experience was still kind of awesome.

Lunch was at Panini Cafe, which was actually our 2nd choice. We wanted to eat at Le Pain Quotidien, but it was crowded, and kinda noisy, so off we went disappointed. But Panini Cafe was very very good. I thoroughly enjoyed my falafel wrap (as you can see from the picture!). It was a gorgeous day, but incredibly windy. I'm not sure if the shorts were such a good idea.

Cute story about the scarf the other day-George comes home from helping his mom pack up for her move, and presents me with an Hermes box. I open it up and in it was this gorgeous coral silk scarf. I think I just about died it was so beautiful. I called my mother-in-law right away to thank her, and she tells me she got in 1960 in Cannes, when Hermes first opened up there. It was supposed to be for her mother, but she didn't want it. So she saved it in her closet, until she found someone to give it to, who would really love it. I died all over again. Not only am I the proud owner of an Hermes scarf, but its also one of the originals straight from one of the first Hermes stores EVER! Needless to say, my spring break has been shaping up quite nicely.

Also, I'll be doing a questionairre post soon. It's really hard to be able to answer everyone's questions from the comments box, so this is your opportunity to ask me anything you feel. And I will dedicate an entire post to it. So ask away...xoxo

On Me: Cardi-H&M/Tank-F21/Scarf-Hermes/Shorts-Vintage Gap/Boots-Guess by Marciano/Purse-Franco Sarto
On Danielle: Cardi-STwelve/Tank-F21/Leggings-Target/Boots-Minnetonka/Purse (Not Pictured)-Marc by Marc Jacobs


May Kasahara said...

so fun!
gorgeous pictures + the story of that scarf is amazing

Putri Erdisa said...

wow, it seems you had a lot of fun, sugar!
really love the picture with skies on your back! great!
love your blog as much.


modern antoinette said...

I love the cut off with the's a really cute look on you. I'm also in love with your hermes scarf!!


esther said...

what great stories! janice dickinson and hermes ittt. i would've liked to see her in person too..though i think i would be a little scared that she would turn to me with an annoyed "what are you staring at?" haha.
i'm so glad you're having a good break!

frannie said...

Sounds like you had a blast! Hmph, no fair! :D

LOVE that scarf and the story behind it is sweet. She gave it to someone that would appreciate it...definitely can tell! :D

Ida said...

The Hermes scarf is divine! The pictures scream summer, and are so carefree and fun. As for Janice, is she that scary in person?


Christine said...

love love that scarf!

♥ fashion chalet said...

Are you in Miami ???

The first two shots look like Sunset place.

I love the outfit and images, lady!! :]


אדוה&לימור said...

great outfit!!
love your style :)

Bella said...

Oh yeah, the scarf is gorgeous! And I'm loving the boot/cutoff combination. xxx

Shin said...

You look so cute!! The story about Janice Dickinson makes me laugh and I think she's crazy! I love hearing about the story behind clothes and your scarf is definitely something special!! xxoxoxoxo said...

Oh your scarf is beautiful. Nice pictures too, I like the scenery

Yuka said...

2nd photo is so cute! lovely scarf

STARR said...

The scarf is gorgeous :)

closeup said...

Great pictures. You seem to have some photographer's skills!

kimvee said...

I really like the colors of your scarf :)

Victoria C said...

the story of the scarf is incredible! not only is it hermes but such sentimental value as well.
rodeo drive is totally gorgeous, i love these pictures

feather hunter said...

yummmy! xxx


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