Saturday, June 13, 2009

It's like pickin' up trash in dresses...



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Sorry for the lack of updates. For being unemployed, and not having school-you'd think I would blog far more than usual, but I feel like I've been doing something every day since summer started. Speaking of summer, where is it? I was diggin' this june gloom for the 1st couple of days but it's getting kinda old. I just want to go to the beach and lay out, be lazy and listen to Jason Mraz all day. His music always reminds me of summertime for some reason. Odd. Anyhoo, having fun with picture editing lately as you can see. A week ago, my best friend Alli and I had a fun-filled day of yoga, Lotus vegan, and photoshoots. We saw these amazing colored walls in Noho, and I took some pictures of her. I thought they turned out rather beautifully, especially with her flowing red hair! I think she was pretty pleased with them as well.

My sister just had her prom a couple of weeks ago, and as you can see she looked absolutely gorgeous. See that's one disadvantage of not living with my sister anymore. Sometimes I miss the really important events in her life, like prom. I had a terrible prom, but I'm glad she had a great time. Not to mention...look at how stunning she looks. I looked like a tomato at my prom-haha!

If you guys like the shirt I'm wearing, one of my good friends, Siera's mom has a website called Much More Than Me, where the focus is on giving back and making people aware of the homeless pet population in our country. A chunk of the proceeds from their t-shirts go to animal rescues and shelters all over. So please support them! The shirts are also manufactured by American Apparel, so they're super comf, and are unisex. You can read more about the program on their website!

On Alli: Cardigan and Wedges-Target/Dress-F21
On Victoria: Dress-F21/Jewelry-vintage
On Me: Hat-F21/Tee-MuchMoreThanMe/Skirt-H&M/Sandals-Blowfish


Lorituela said...

So pretty pictures!
My bf wanted a reflex so he bought a canon eos 1000d for himself, and I'm so jealous. Each time I see good pictures I become a fan of photographers, hahahahahaha

Love from Spain


PS, check out my blog, it's getting better!

Damsels said...

very cute looks

love the bright accessories
We Were Damsels

Elizabeth Victoria C said...

that second picture is just AWESOME, but they're all awesome, i love the peace sign tee too lady! xx

shopgirl28 said...

Nice pictures. Jason Mraz is one of my favorites.

phi s t y l e said...

aww your sis looks like you! so so cute.

great photos as always! i've been meaning to ask you what is that shade of red you're always wearing? it's definitely perfect.

AsianCajuns said...

What an awesome photoshoot! You all look absolutely gorgeous!

Hanh, Life-in-Travel said...

very nice! love the 2sd pic!!


May Kasahara said...

gorgeous shots ♥

Sushi said...

Very cute photos! x Sushi

Anonymous said...

your cheer adds beauty to the photos!! I love your cheer dear


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