Thursday, June 25, 2009

Showin' How Funky Strong Is Your Fight

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We celebrated Father's Day last night because my dad has such a crazy work schedule at the moment, and they wouldn't let him take the time off last Sunday. We went to PF Changs, which is one of the family's favorite Chinese restaurants, and ordered way too much food. Definitely more than we could handle. I also loved the fact that one of my best friends, Beth, who lives in Washington D.C. was in town for a week, and was able to come out with us. I miss her so much, and it's so great that we still have the kind of friendship that goes beyond mileage. She's one of the best people you can ever hope to meet-I can't wait for her to come back... My dad was so funny last night, he actually went to the restroom and put on the new belt Geo and I got him. So glad he loved it.

Today's been crazy, huh? Super devastated about Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett's death. I actually cried. One of the 1st songs I learned to sing was by the King of Pop-Bad. I used to do the moves too. It's been an extremely sad day for the entire world, I'm sure. May they both rest in peace.

P.S. I'm also kind of obsessed with Alexa Chung's new show. Today Leighton Meester was on with Cobra Starship.

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My two fave fashionistas. Most definitely. Check out Meester's shoes. Good Gawd!

Jacket-TwelvebyTwelve Couture/Sheer tank-Silence and Noise/Jeans-DKNY/Heels-SM Luxe


Shin said...

Great family pictures! It's great to have friendships that are very meaningful and sincere. And omg, those shoes!! They're gorgeous! xxoxxo

[LA] said...


Cindiddy said...

i love alexa chung.

lauren said...

Love Alexa. That girl really knows how to dress.

Damsels said...

i love what she wore !
We Were Damsels

♥ fashion chalet said...

Jason Mraz and his lyrics caress the soul <3

had to tweet that btw ;)


Yuka said...

your jacket is amazing! i have yet to watch alexa's shows. i think im going to youtube it or something.

Ruby said...

Love Alexa, Lovely photos! :)

eveline fashion-diary said...

you look bautifull!
and the jacket is fantastic :)

Rebecca said...

your family is amazing, the photo of you and your sister is so cute
also! is alexa chungs new show being shown in the UK?
i love alexa so much, id love to see it

LACY said...

i love your shoes! and that is so sweet, its always nice spending time with dads :)

Anonymous said...

wow!! you look wonderful beside that green dressed friend!!


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