Monday, September 14, 2009

I'll follow you until you love me...

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They're Baaaaaack!

Gossip Girl Season 3 begins tonight, and I am BEYOND excited. The wait has certainly been long enough. Haha-I can't believe how obsessed I am with this show! It's a tad ridiculous, but it's a guilty pleasure.

On another note...did anyone catch the VMA's last night?
Some thoughts:

1.) Kanye West's little "drunken" stunt embarrassing a poor Taylor Swift after she won her award was just so tactless. I was beyond shocked and disappointed in him. I do like his music, but he's definitely someone I don't respect.
2.) I love my hubby because as soon as that happened, he and I began to sing Swift's You Belong With Me at the top of our lungs, with no cares in the world. It was awesome.
3.) The MJ tribute with Madonna and Janet Jackson, was extremely heart-wrenching and beautiful.
4.) I can never hate on Lady Gaga no matter how ridiculous she is...she is quite the performer.
5.) My love for Beyonce went through the roof after what she did for Taylor Swift last night.

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I was in LOVE with Katy Perry's dress. I agree there was so much metallic on the carpet last night. But hers stood out the most to me and one I would wear in a heartbeat. She certainly wasn't the best dressed of the evening, but I was drawn to it.



Taylor Sterling said...

I am sad to say that I am stoked that Gossip Girl is back!

Cindy said...

gossip girl yeah!
the premiere was good but not great.
i think it's going to get better and better though.
i love the first picture with blair and serena.
it must be so weird that the cast sees each other kiss their significant others. blake kissing leighton's real boy, leighton kissing jessica's boy, plus jessica and penn always have random love interests. i wonder how they keep from getting jealous.
i adore when leighton and sebastian have scenes together, you can tell they date instantly in the way they look at each other.

Stacy said...

for katy perry's outfit, I didn't really like the bottom but the top half was great!

and kanye was a jerk for what he did to taylor! i heard she cried while leaving the stage..

and the blue dress for the gossip girl ad is gorgeous, love that show!

Mila said...

yaaaaaaaay.Gossip Girl!

Carina said...

I am a huge fan of music award shows for the reasons you just listed.

Thank you

LifestyleBohemia said...

Katy Perry's dress was stunning! And so glad to have my Gossip Girl back, it's been too long :)

Dylana said...

Great blog! You are beautiful! The Gossip Girl season premiere was amazing!

I am following you!

Bianca and Isabella said...

gossip girl and katy = love

the crumpet girls

C said...

awesome! haha i'll have to wait to see the episode tho.

katy, must not have been the best dressed but in my opinion she was great for her personality and remember she's an entertainer so,sometimes what you would call "best dressed" on the Oscars or any other event won't look good on VMAs,therefore I think she was perfect for the occasion.

C said...


mom & son said...

katy's dress looks so beautiful in her
fabulous dress!

Anonymous said...

the premiere was SO GOOD. I'm so happy that Chuck and Blair are perfectly dysfunctional yet still completely adorable...I'm excited to see what Georgina is up to as well...

Poisoned Amour said...

i dont like the show, but i love the clothes they wear lol.
yeah i was soo disappointed in kanye. hes sucha douche.

The Kid In The Front Row said...

I can't get into gossip girl. I guess it's just for chicks right?

Bella said...

Ahhh, the firt shot is so adorable... and you're absolutely right, Katy Perry's dress was fantastic! xx

bloo. said...

ohh i love GG ;)


Sushi said...

Haha it's my guily pleasure too! I'm falling a bit behind though - need to get watching again x Sushi


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