Thursday, September 3, 2009

Not so strong without these open arms...

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These are the two outfits I wore on my mom's birthday. The first one being at Knotts. It was a very miserable and very humid day-note the expression on my face. That was pretty much stuck all day. I wanted to be comfortable, but all I wanted to do was take of my shirt.
Her actual birthday was much more pleasant because we went to Santa Monica, which was 20 degrees cooler than everywhere else. And I felt very free and comfortable in my tunic. Don't pay any attention to the pained expression on my face for that picture as well. Lol.

It's my birthday month, which means, I get to post a wish-list soon! I'm so excited!

Plaid Shirt-F21/Faux-bans-Some gasoline station/Tunic-Free People/Necklace-Borrowed/Leggings-Target/Boots-GuessbyMarciano/Vintage Chanel bag/Denim Jacket-Guess



Audrey Leighton said...

hey lainey,
its been awhile, how are you?
you are looking wonderful!
ooh bday month is always fun!


Lisa said...

Cute! Hehe, I went to Knotts and was equally miserable

*** said...

Great dress!

Yuka said...

i always love the way you do your makeup!

Polished Sense said...

So loving the sunglasses shot and that top in the second photograph! Is that you? (new here) Will be back!


Heini said...

Looking awsome :)


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