Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Very Important Date!

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Friday, March 5th was sort of an important day for the Best and me. As huge fans of anything Alice in Wonderland, of course this was going to be BIG day. So Alice (Kate) and her Red Queen (yours truly) embarked on our magical evening, which we had been planning for ever since we found out about it last year. Yeah, we're crazy fans...We were able to arrive early enough that we ended up being 2nd in line. And during the 2 and a half hour wait, we ran into some CSUN buddies of ours- Jake, Phil, Shauna, Gadi, and Brian. It was really cool to see them, and they all ended up right beside us in line. The group definitely kept the time moving, and we were all excited to catch up with one another.

All in all, the evening was a complete success! We absolutely adored Tim Burton's rendition of Alice, and I will always be a forever fan of Johnny Depp. Alice is a definite must-see. I think Kate summed it up best, "It's not going be a classic or anything, but if you go into it with the mind-set that's it NOT going to be the traditional Alice story-then you can just sit and enjoy the beauty of it all instead of nitpicking the entire time." So that's exactly what we did. And yeah, even though it was completely different from the Alice I grew to love-I was able to appreciate it's creativity and NEW brilliance. I hope you all enjoyed it, just as much as we did. :)

On Kate: Michael Kors Jacket/H&M Dress/Zara Cross-over Body Bag
On Me: TCEC Couture Jacket/H&M Dress/B. Makowski Bag/Chinese Laundry Boots


Anonymous said...

I agree with the comment. It isn't going to be a classic but it is worth seeing :] i enjoyed this movie because I didn't nit pick [did it after though lol]; during twilight though i didn't enjoy it at all because i read the book first and did nit pick :[

I absolutely adore your outfit! it's a burst of spring veiled in an amazing leather jacket :D

<3 Krissy

Styleseeking Zurich said...

Oh lucky you,you already watched it!! I'm also very intrigued and will watch it soon too! As the commenter above I love the mix of leather jacket with a flower print dress, this is something I still need.. :) And I have to say I always love your makeup, the color on your lips is gorgeous!


Jony said...

I want to see it as well! I absolutely love your outfit, the floral is cute..can't wait for spring..You have a great blog dear, keep it up. I will definitely visit your blog more often.

akaCola said...

Cant wait to see this boyfriend and I were suppose to go see it the other day...but from your pics it looks like you guys had fun :)


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