Monday, March 8, 2010

You've got me wrapped around your little finger


As you all know, Awards season is my absolute favorite isn't Fall, Winter, Summer or Spring-it's Awards Season. Mostly due to the fact, that it is the one time in the entire year where the best of the best in the Acting world get to recognize and acknowledge one another for their contributions in entertainment. But it's also the time, when the best of the best in fashion get to be displayed. And this year was no exception! Last night's Oscars, in particular, brought about probably the BEST dresses I've seen in the last 5 years (as a whole). Needless to say, hardly anyone disappointed me, and it was very difficult putting together a worst dressed list-because I thought everyone looked stunning. But seeing as I've done this for a few years now-I couldn't break tradition. So starting off with my worst dressed...


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5.) Miley Cyrus in Jenny Packham- See, the more and more I stare at this dress, the least I hate it. That's why it's 5 rather than 1, but there were still parts of the dress that really bothered me. Or could it be because it's on Miley Cyrus? I just don't like the way she's carrying the gown. With her back hunched over, and that sort of emo look on her face. I just didn't get it. Now if it was on Marion Cottiliard however-that's a different story. If that were the case, it might have even be in my best list. But even so, I think the corset part could have definitely been a tad longer.

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4.) Maggie Gyllenhaal in Dries Van Noten-I really really wanted to like this dress, because I'm a huge fan of Maggie's. I just adore the Gyllenhaal sibs and I wanted to support. But...although she took a risk, I don't think it was the right one. I wanted something more architectural and modern on her because she can definitely pull those kinds of looks off. But this just looked a little ammatureish for her.

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3.) Vera Farmiga in Marchesa-I'm a huge fan of Marchesa. Not so much with this dress. Again, I appreciate the risk, especially since her choices at all the prior awards shows have been a little bland. The color is beautiful. But she looks like a walking fan! And I didn't like the way the ruffle curved around her stomach like that. It made her look thicker in the waist/hip area. And she has a stunning figure-but unfortunately this dress didn't do anything for it.

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2.) Sarah Jessica Parker in Chanel-Ok...breathe. Love SJP. HUGE fan. She's one of style icons, for sure. And I adore anything Chanel usually. But man, did I HATE this dress. I mean, I don't think I've ever felt like this with anything she has ever worn, so it was really shocking for me. What's funny is that my mother-in-law loved the dress...but I just don't even know where to start. Perhaps, I should just say, good attempt. Can't wait for you to calm me down at the Sex and the City II premiere!

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1.) Charlize Theron in John Galliano for Dior-God, this frustrates me. She is such a stunning woman. Probably one of the most stunning faces in Hollywood. And then she goes with this! It looks as if two cinnamon rolls were taped on her breasts! That's the only thing I can focus on on this dress...and not her beautiful face. Plus the dress was wrinkly, which bothered me so much. It was just a wreck. But I'll always forgive her, because well, she's Charlize Theron for crying out loud.


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5.) Carey Mulligan in Prada- She just looks so adorable, doesn't she? At first I wasn't too keen on the blonde hair, but I think she's working it well. This dress was very reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn's Givenchy (I think) dress she wore in Sabrina. But this sort of had more modern touches on it, like if you look closely at the detailing on the corset-it has keys and screws, etc...I thought that was pretty unique.

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4.) (Tied) Diane Kruger in Chanel-This is the Chanel I love. I love everything about this dress, from the black and white, to the flower detailing, to the pleats. I just thought it was so sophisticated and fit her to a T. I have nothing to criticize about it at all. I just adore it. And I adore her.

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4.) (Tied) Amanda Seyfried in Armani Prive-I'm not one for big dresses. But I thought this one had the best of both worlds. A really unique, architectural, corset top, and then a voluminous bottom. But I think what I love most about it is that it sort of looks like bubble wrap. I wish she had done something more interesting with her hair though. She has such gorgeous hair.

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3.) Nicole Richie in Reem Acra- Well, who knew? I love Nicole Richie's street style, but to pull off the Oscars? That, I did not expect at all. She always looks good with more vintage styles and so this dress was pretty much perfect for her. The back of this dress was also breathtakingly beautiful. I thought she looked to die for.

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2.) Zoe Saldana in Givenchy-Ok. Can I just start off by saying that when I first saw this on the runway, it took my breath away. And I wanted so badly to have someone wear it at the Oscars. So when I saw it on Zoe Saldana-who is fast becoming one of my favorites when it comes to style-I literally FLIPPED out. I know a lot of people might not agree with this, because yes, the dress is very fashion forward. But Zoe IS fashion forward. She just looks so regal in it, almost like royalty. And with that skin and height-she could seriously pull off anything, in my opinion. This would definitely be the dress I'd want to wear if I were at the Oscars.

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1.) Rachel McAdams in Elie Saab-Do you ever get that feeling of when you first see something so beautiful, you take in a huge breath of air...but it just stays there? Well that's exactly what happened last night when I saw Rachel McAdams billowing through the crowds on the red carpet with this stunner. She looked like a walking painting. And looked as if she was literally floating on air. This is probably one of the best dresses I've EVER seen at the Oscars. So far nothing has ever topped Michelle Williams' mustard Vera Wang at the 2006 Oscars with Heath Ledger. Although, this one came very very close.

Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed the Oscars last night! Until next year...xoxo


Tieka, Selective Potential said...

Love seeing everyone's favorites from the Oscars! I really loved Diane Kruger's dress!

Cindy said...

love your list. i agree with all the worst except miley but it was your #5. i'd sub it out with amanda seyfried. i felt her dress was too big for her frame :) i agree totally with rachel at #1 best, stunning.

i also completely agree with the rachel bilson/vintage comment you made. that's why i love her so much she mixes her designer stuff with vintage and it makes you feel as if you can actually track down similar things. plus, it's always something fresh not what every holly type is wearing.

C.Chico said...

nicole richie looks GREAT! and that very first dress is so pretty, but sucks miley is wearing it

Anonymous said...

hahaha i did a post on oscar night and we share a lot of the same opinions! are you an actress? i am (aspiring at least haha) and I think that's why I love awards season so much...i really related to this post! it's kind of like our dreamland!

xx come visit!

Tink in My Closet said...

Rachel just looks amazing!! She exudes elegance!

Walk The Sand said...

Definately have to agree with the majority of your choices! Especially Miley: beautiful dress, wrong person. And Nicole Richie in Reem Acra... AMAZING.

Fashion Garden said...

I absolutely agree with you !! Rachel dress was my favorite but I have to say that Miley dress was one of my fav to but I think that whatever Miley's wearing look trashy !

sasha b. said...

i agree with all of your best/worse selections.. it seemed like there were more worse dressed than best this year. :(

Damsels said...

wow i really loved SJP .. i thoguht it was great .. also loved the zoe dress too .. god she looked breat taking and HATED charlizes dres s what on earth was she thinking !

Laetitia´s Comptoir said...

Love Diane K. one!


Fashion Cappuccino said...

All great reviews!! I agree with your worst list completely! The dress on Miley Cyrus would look good on anyone but her! xxoxoxooxxo

Diya said...

hey I saw your post about the jewelry on fashion squad's NYC post. Just wanted to let ya know I'm "the girl with the snake rings."

esther said...

oh i was so sad about charlize's boob dress. i really just don't understand why...
and i think if you take away the weird strap cutting of sjp's neckline, then the dress could actually have been a winner!
LOVE nicole, she can hardly do wrong
in my eyes.
love your list, it's always a fun read!

raynette q. said...

lainey i'd have to put your #5 on the worst in my top 5. we share very different opinions this year. but as always, i enjoy seeing and reading your choices. unfortunately, i don't have the patience to write mine up. xoxo

Eri said...

Nice blog, my first time here and I really enjoyed it.

Please come and have a look at mine too.

Hope to see you soon.


Jen said...

Amanda Seyfried had the best dress I think!


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