Saturday, June 19, 2010

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Thursday, June 17th was a bittersweet day. Not only was my little sister graduating from high school (with full honors, no less!) but it was also the night of the final game of the NBA championships. Was I disappointed I had invested all that time following the series only to find I couldn't watch the final game at all?! Of course I was-especially Geo. But nothing really could surpass the feeling of watching my sister, all grown up, ready to embark on another phase of her life. She even wore the gown I wore at my own graduation. To top of the evening, the announcement was made that the Lakers had won, just as the students threw their caps up in the air. It was a pretty spectacular moment! This summer will be a special one for us...we'll be 5 hours away from each other come fall, so we'll have to savor every moment we're together. My sister is my ultimate best friend, so I sure will miss her a whole lot.
I'm proud of you, Seester! <3

Heritage 1981 maxi dress/ F21 cardigan/ Soda sandals/ Vintage earrings/ H&M sunnies


Beth said...

My sisters are my best friends too.

Congratulations to your sister. The outdoor ceremony looks so pretty. I had mine inside of a gym.

simona said...

wooooooow i love your sunglasses

Anonymous said...

Congrats to your sister :)

Paula from said...

Definitely, this day must have been fantastic ! I wish I had seen it :D
Congrats to your sister :D The beautiful and lazy days are over, now it's time for work .. uuu .. pretty scary :D

Would you like to visit my site ?

ALL THE BEST (for You and your sister !)

JOWY said...


One love,

Ana said...

Lainey you look so great with that dress:)

I love it so much:)
Congrats for your sis:)

Have a lovely week

Shop T.O. Live said...

Oh wow. Your sister looks so fresh in her cap and gown - I love the lighter colour. Congratulations to her.

BarelyVogue said...

love ur long dress
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Charleston said...

beautiful maxi dress x

this free bird said...

I love how much you love your sister. And I'm so glad you were at her graduation instead of in a cab downtown after the game or you mighta been tipped out of a car! (i know, i'm horrible)

and on the felicity note...i am totally with you. such a great show. since you love it so you mighta peed your pants when i met ben a couple years ago. yep yep.

totally random yet completely one on one conversation. still think about it from time to time...ben? you out there? hahahahahaha

ps - super cute dress too miss lainey

Style Souk said...

Even though there are ten years between us, my little sister and I are best friends too.

She is the most beautiful angel in my life.

It was saddening when I moved away to university (and then even further away for lawschool in London!), but we always remember to savour our time together and so have remained extraordinarily close.

Congratulations to your lovely sister and enjoy the summer, x

P.S: Thank you for your kind comments on my blog - I really am overjoyed to have found you. :0)

Michelle Elaine said...

Super cute round sunnies & congrats to your baby sister!!

I heard you like Alexander Wang's Diego bucket bag ;)


ari said...

love your sunglasses, the look great on you.
your sister looks just like you.

and I too wish I could have all the JC shoe collection. ;)

Anonymous said...

I love your sunglasses!

Wendy said...

Congrats to your sister on the graduation :D

You looked so gracious and beautiful in that maxi, and that shades are a WOW.

ps: Do check out my blog as I'm having an Erin Wasson's Low Luv giveaway :)


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