Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Sweet Disposition

I'm not one to talk about really personal things on this blog. Usually the things I put on here, are what's considered the "basics." Things I love, things I want, things I dislike, etc...But for the most part, this is a public forum where anyone can see everything I put up-so I try to be careful. But last night, my best friend sent me an email...I feel like before you go any further reading this blog, you should read this first.

Finished? Good.

Almost 2 months ago, I was able to get rid of a poison friend. One who was constantly negative, competitive, irresponsible and just rudely opinionated about almost everything I did. Everything was a competition. When Geo bought a new car, her response was-"Well, my bf (at the time-who was a real winner, lemme tell you) has the same one, but it's newer and faster." I guess she never realized that little comments like that pile up. Every time I felt like I had something positive to say about what was going on in my life, she was always right there to constantly put something down about it. When I introduced her to my Best (the one who sent me the article) she pushed herself on her so much- that she eventually began to turn off my friend. People who had hung around her and saw how she continually upset me, began to question why I put myself through that. "We've been friends for so long..." was my response. I started to realize that you shouldn't have to pressure yourself into staying friends with someone if they no longer make you happy.

A few hours after our fight, as I was unsubscribing to her blog, I saw that she had blogged every single detail about it and how awful a person I was. To which one of her friends (who mind you, has met me once, and doesn't know a thing about me) commented on it and began to judge me. See that's the difference between her friends and best friends could've easily said all the nasty things they felt about her, since they have seen what she's like first-hand-but they didn't-because they're better people. 

What's my point? My point is, as sad as I am about how it happened, I'm definitely not sad that it did happen. It felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders, and I felt free of the constant badgering, and the feeling of being suffocated every time we were together. That's not a friendship. The article made me even more comfortable about my decision. And I've become more appreciative of the bestest of friends that I do have in my life. I'm so thankful for each and every one of them.













I hope you all know how truly special you cheesy as that sounds. Learn to never settle, even in friendships.



bethjburt said...

I feel so lucky and blessed to be named on this list, and to have a best friend like you. Even though I don't get to see you very often, you are always close to my heart and my thoughts. I love you Lainey. You are a sweet and wonderful person, and not everyone is deserving of your friendship.

Beth said...

I know how you feel. Over the past few years, I've gotten rid of a lot of bad people in my life. While it was a messy and painful process, I'm glad I did it.

And geez, how come all of your friends are gorgeous?

Maria said...

what a sentimental post! very cute*

- Maria, from L.A

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

I love this- sometimes we all have to go through times of letting friends go that are toxic- sounds like youve got some amazing friends around you!

Anonymous said...

Look before you leap...................................................

Tieka, Selective Potential said...

I'm kind of going through a simliar situation with a friend of mine and I'm not sure whether she's in my life for good reasons or what. It's so hard to figure out girls. That's why I do much better with boys. I've grown up having all guy friends, but sometimes you just need girlfriends, right? I'm glad you have so many wonderful ones!

As for your comment on my "guy behind the camera" feature - you don't have to resubmit them every month. I've gotten SO many submissions. You submitted your guy on 4/8/2010, which puts you in September's feature. Sorry it's so far out! I'll email you when the time gets closer! xo

Ivania santos By DIAMOND said...

nice pics*


Ana said...

You guys are so cool:) and seem to be having lots of fun:)

Carolyn said...

btw i love that song by temper trap!

Carolyn said...

wow, that sounds exactly like something that happened to me over the past year. my best friend out of nowhere flipped a switch and became so competitive and fake, and gossiped about me to everyone she knew. it took a long time since i always thought things would change and we would go back to the way things were, but i realized after all this that i didn't want her in my life anymore as the person she is now. letting go is the healthiest option, and definitely am glad there are still beautiful people in my life. and in yours :) thanks for sharing!


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