Monday, August 2, 2010

Set my soul on fire





Saturday night we gathered at Griffith Park for an evening of theatre under the stars. Seeing Shakespeare (done well) is like eating an amazing red velvet cake...slowly. It just gets better and better with each bite/scene. And my former professor/acting coach Melissa Chalsma who co-owns the Independent Shakespeare Company here in LA-also directed the show (Othello). If any of you love Shakespeare, and love to be entertained, whilst eating and drinking-you have to check this out. Next up for the month-Much Ado About Nothing. *Sigh* I miss performing. I wanted more than anything- to be up there on that stage alongside all of those talented people.

F21 top and necklace/UO hat


augustalolita said...

great photos!! i love your top & your hat!! you have a lovely blog :) just started following a few days ago!!

Joellen said...

You look beautiful as usual! This seems like quite an experience!

ari said...

omg! looks like soo much fun.
you look stunning.
love that top, and your hat.
you always seem to find such amazing f21 pieces. do you shop in store or online?
thank for your sweet comment

nikky said...

the hat works well! great outfit all around

.....InStyle.... said...

nice blog...nice i follow you...

LADYJANE said...

You have amazing skin. Our Shakespearean plays in Vancouver is called Bard on the Beach. Unfortunately I'm not going to make it this year. If it's like eating a velvet cake, then it must've been an awesome experience :)


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