Friday, August 6, 2010

Talk all the talk with a Poet's style...


Well, Emma Watson chopped all of her hair. I'm still getting used to this bold look for her, because I thought she looked so beautiful with long hair. But, I think her decision for doing it was very wise. Now that the Harry Potter films are finito (well almost-they're done shooting, anyway), I'm sure she wanted to re-invent herself and look more mature and grown up and chic. And I think she established that with this haircut. Can't wait to see her at the premieres, and I'm excited to see how she styles it in general.

It brings back memories of when I chopped off all of my hair. I was the same age as Emma (20), and it was during one of the best moments of my life. I was falling in love with a boy (a boy named George-who eventually became my everything <3) and I felt so daring and liberated. I was a risk-taker who didn't have a care in the world of what others thought of me. Sometimes, I miss those days. Don't get me wrong-I think I grew into who I am today pretty nicely, but once in awhile I like to look back at my pictures and feel proud that I had the guts to do it.






(all pictures circa 2006)



FancyTreehouse said...

I wish I had the courage for short hair. Looked great on you. (:

The actual pics are from the iPhone but I just put them together in photoshop. Actually, that something to search for...a collage maker app. Hm...

Anonymous said...

She looks so so good with it, I think. Emma is one of those truly beautiful people that can pull of any hairstyle. And by the looks of it, you are too! The crop looks great on you, my dear. Consider going back? I love short hair, I'm just too scared to try it myself.

Phuong said...

short hair looks great on you!

Beth said...

Whoa, you look amazing with short hair! You're one of those rare people who can rock both long and short hair.

I like Emma's new hair, but it's such a shock. I totally understand why she did it, though!


Woow beautiful both of you look great with short hair , and have beautiful face..
damn i wish i had courage to cut my hair like that I just love it!!
I am in love with short hair since I`ve seen Shannyn Sossamon with short hair, she rocks it!!


Jade "Purple" Brown said...

im loving short hair right now, great post!


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