Sunday, August 15, 2010

She killed it with kisses





My idea of a perfect Sunday equals me spending the early morning/afternoon at the Melrose Trading Post and then having some lunch at Lemonade. As you can imagine, it was extremely crowded and extremely hot. I wish I could've taken more pictures, but I looked like such a hot mess that I refused to be taken photos of. Such as it is, Kristina, Kirstie and I got some really great, unique things while we there. And I was able to take a couple snaps of my outfit when I got home. :) 

P.S. I accidentally changed the layout of my blog, and I absolutely hate it. And now I can't revert back to the way it used to be. Does anyone know how to center a header?

Love21 button-down/Old Unknown cut-offs/F21 tank and earrings/UO brogues


*rachelwears said...

i love the mix of your rings and skirt- so gorgeous x

Shop T.O. Live said...

That does sound like a perfect Sunday! And I did notice something different about your blog, I was like " the layout different?" but couldn't put my finger on it.

Also, love the clogs you got! Wow, what a great deal!

Mode Junkie said...

love your oxfords babe! and those bleeding chanel tops, RAD! i want one!

xoxo Mode Junkie

Allegra said...

oh that shoes are amazing!!!

Charleston said...

that muted metallic esque shirt is beautiful x

Taylor Sterling said...

I love the oxfords!! I need a cute pair like that!!

ari said...

love your open button down and your flats, such a relaxed and laid back outfit.

I have been wanting to hit up the melrose trading post for such a long time, BUT it just is too HOT right now!

Anonymous said...

I love your button down, so cute. You've got great legs, by the way!

esther said...

sounds perfect indeed! i really love your outfit too.

kelsea said...

nice shoes! and i am still on the hunt for a perfect turquoise ring.


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