Monday, October 11, 2010

You spin my head right round...




I feel like I blog about Olivia Palermo at least once a month. Is that healthy? Well, I guess if you have a crush, you have a crush-and there's no denying that I have quite THE girl crush on her. How could you not?! These are some pictures taken of her during Paris Fashion Week.

But now, onto the more important

I intend to buy these (items similar to these) in the very near future. I think I need them in my life this season. 
1.) Leopard coat. My love for leopard will never cease. Besides, I wanna channel Edie Sedgwick in a big way this fall/winter.
2.) Nude pump. I saw a pair that I died over at Nordies the other day. Might have to get it.
3.) Wildfox Couture shirts. They're so soft, but my God, they do break the bank. 
4.) Sideways Cross Necklace. Remember mine? Well, it died. Actually it's been dead for quite some time now due to me being lazy and wearing it to bed-I accidentally pulled on it during a bad dream. I haven't gotten around to fixing it. But I need to. I miss it.
5.) Burgandy lipstick. Must have.
6.) Leather shorts. Oh my, these have been on my list since the summer. But now, I can wear them with tights which is even better. 
7.) Black lacey bra. To wear underneath pretty much everything. Especially my sheer billowy tops.
8.) Combat/Military boots. I already have a pair in khaki, but you really can't go wrong with having a black pair. 
9.) Rose Gold bf watch. Again...has been on my lust list for awhile. Gotta have. 
10.) NARS blush in orgasm. It really is THE best blush in the world. And for $25, it sure as hell better be. 
11.) Camel satchel. I'm all about structure and chicness. And this brings the best of both worlds. 
12.) YSL ring. I think I'm getting this for Christmas from a certain special someone. He knows just what I like. ;)



Kate Maggie said...

Everything about this post was bang on! I agree with every single thing that you listed, especially leopard coats. I cant get enough of them! And Olivia is seriously so dreamy...I looooove everything she wears!!

Tink In My Closet said...

Everything about her is styles to perfection! Lust list!

Helena from BrooklynBlonde said...

I don't blame you! Girl always looks like a million bucks!

Nubia said...

I don't blame you she is so chic and pretty

P.S. you should enter my international giveaway. Win a 4GB Mimobot USB! They're adorable

Behind The Seams said...

love this!

Beth said...

Are we the same person?!

We have the same wishlist! I really want some Wildfox Couture shirts too, but man, they are certainly pricey. Nude heels are something on my list too. I want them to be easy to walk in, but still tall. It's tough finding those.

And pllllease let me know when you find a camel satchel. I've been searching too, but all of the ones I've found are too flimsy. I'm pretty tough on my bags.

Olivia Palermo is totally worth blogging about 24/7!

OnTheRacks said...

I am totally with you on the Olivia P girl crush. I love her style so much. I think she is actually my style icon. These pics are amazing - love it!!! <3

xx Laura

FancyTreehouse said...

Cute overload here! :)

Skinny Walk said...

Yes, the YSL ring is a great present... I think I have to tell my boyfriend too... ;)


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