Monday, August 15, 2011

Let's hear it for the boys...










I cherish moments like sister was able to spend the entire weekend with me. And today, we had the extra special treat of going on a double date with my best friend and her sister. We perused the Melrose flea market, where I found the most perfect pieces for my apt, and the John Lennon sunnies I'm rocking in all these pics. As you can tell from my outfit, I was inspired by some of the menswear I've been seeing all over the September issues. I couldn't wait til fall, so I decided to pair my shirt with leather shorts to give it a more summer feel. Afterward, I found the most amazing sheer silk chiffon maxi dress at Shareen Vintage. I can't wait to wear it out for an evening with my girlfriends. Just the right amount of subdued sexy. 
Love sister days so so much. 

Thrifted striped top/Zara leather shorts/F21 necklace/Dolce Vita brogues/Vintage Dooney&Burke bag/Flea Market sunnies


Jasmine said...

Is that the flea market at Fairfax ?? I loveeeeed it there, was so amazing when I visited :)
I love your blog, you take some amazing photographs!

Megan said...

Love that striped top!

Shannon of ** Happiness Is...** said...

LOVE the Melrose Flea! Man, I miss that place :) xo

Juley said...

Love the stripe blouse Lainey!

purse 'n boots said...

hot flea market babes up in here!!! love the round sunglasses on you---- you look amaaazingggg. and thanks so much for your awesome comment. you rule. much love!

ashley <3

Jules said...

soo pretty! Love the outfit!

You made me miss the melrose flea market!



Mrs. Pancakes said...

totally loving the top and purses!

Olivia said...

Cute sunglasses & I always find cute shit at Melrose FM!
xo Olivia

Jana K. said...

hey! Thanks for the comment! I love that stripe top. The blue and white looks great on you. As for my pictures and editing, I use photoshop cs4. For my most recent post, I played around with curves and color balance and added some noise. Adding a black filter or reducing the saturation can also give you that vintage feel. Hope this helps!


Strawberry Freckleface said...

The round sunglasses - dig it.

strawberry freckleface

Kel said...

that striped blouse is amazing.

Lots of love from Sydney,

x Kel

talking all things French

Victoria said...

Yay us! :)

<3, V

mestizay said...

GORGEOUS HAIR! Your hair is exactly how I want my hair to be!:)
Rockin glasses too!
I hope we can be blogger friends.:)

SiljeOhlaLA said...

Love the sunnies!

Alicia said...

Loving that striped blouse!!

Ashleigh Nicole said...

so jealous of this striped button up!!

Anonymous said...

ugh I love everything about this! especially your studded oxfords!



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