Saturday, June 21, 2008

This is insane...

I've turned into a blogging fiend. Hi-Hi, Blogspot! I've returned. So. This is my last...absolute last, attempt at making a blog and actually sticking to it. If I happen to leave you blogspot-then I am oh so sorry, for I am a lame sauce who can't decide. Fair enough?

Okay, so I started blogging a couple of days ago at this new blogosphere I heard about from Katy Perry. Yeah, she and I talk quite a bit. Just Kidding. I'm actually a fan of her blog, and she uses this place called Tumblr. Yeah. Don't know where the name comes from but whatever. So, I thought, why not start a whole new blog. But then...dun dun dun. It was so difficult for me to use. I wanted to personalize my blog, and have it look like well, me. But all the themes I was looking at was not doing it for me. So, I quit. I quit. Just like that. After a mere 3 days. I think that's an all-time record for me. So I've decided to return to blogspot. You should be so lucky.

Anyway-here's the link for my stuff on Tumblr.

Check it out. I'm awesome. Not really.

1 comment:

Rich Feliciano said...

Starting a blog is one of the funnest things you can do on the internet. I just wish maintaining it was 1/10th as awesome. Good luck!


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