Sunday, January 18, 2009

I'm bound to answer...

I'm a shoe freak. Always have been, always will be.

The ones on the top there. That is my DREAM pair. I literally have dreams about it. Ever since I started following Rumi Neely's fabulous fashion blog, appropriately named FASHION TOAST, I've been dreaming about her Sam Edelman boots. I couldn't find a pair for the longest time, because apparently they sold out within 5 hours. But lo and behold-I find a pair on Ebay, but it's up for $385 and getting higher by the minute (it doesn't end for another 4 days!) So I will resort to the last three. Granted they are not as amazing as the Sam Edelman boots, but they'll keep me satisfied and happy for a while. I think I'm getting the studded ankle boots first. In tan. Because Geo will kill me if I get another pair of black shoes. I've been really into studs lately. We were at my haven, Forever 21 the other day, and squeed with delight when I saw this really cute black studded vest. Geo gave me a look, and decided against it. But I'll go back for it one of these days, and wear it with GLEE!

Time to rehearse. I am desperate need of it. Tah Tah for now.


Anonymous said...

OK, I love you, and willing to concede that you are far more stylish and fashionable than I... but MAN are those some ugly shoes.

Lainey said...

wow. I'm shocked. Even Geo said they were ultra-chic and fabulous even though he despises most of the things I point out to him.


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