Monday, January 12, 2009

I've been a sinner, I've been a saint...

The Golden Globes was an exciting awards show last night. How much did I cry and jump up and down when Kate Winslet won, not one, but two of the night's biggest categories?!!! I have been such a fan of hers for a LONG time, and even though this year might not have been her best acting achievement (I wanted her to win for Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind), having The Reader and Revolutionary Road to showcase her talents is quite enough. I say. And again, Slumdog Millionaire won Best Picture! I have to see this film, like now...

Now to the fun part...

As usual, with awards season, comes my Golden Globes Best and Worst Dressed List:

Worst Dressed

5.) Maggie Gyllenhaal in Lanvin. I'm fine with the shape and cut of this dress. Even the folds on the shoulder gave it a more avant-garde feel. What worried me was the print. Leopard print at an awards show is never a good thing. I admire her for being one of maybe two people who showed up with a print dress, but come on. There's taking a risk, and then there's trying too hard.

4.) Marisa Tomei in Unknown. Just the fact that I searched and searched to see who designed this frock, and could not find out, says it all. She has a gorgeous body! My God-for her age-sheesh! I would kill to look like that at 40-something. But she hid it under a white ruffled shirt, and a long black skirt. She looks like she's about to go to a Pirate party.

3.) Jennifer Lopez in Marchesa. Okay, just because you're at the Golden Globes, doesn't mean you have to dress like the statue. It was too much of everything-skin, butt, shimmer, shine, gold! It was just way too frou frou, and another example of trying too hard. Hated it.

2.) Cameron Diaz in Chanel Haute Couture. She does so well at premieres, parties, press conferences, even shopping. Bring her to an awards show, and you end up with this mess of a dress. First of all-Pink on a RED carpet, never looks good. Valentine's day is still a month a way. looks so wrinkled! Why?! Why would you wear something that takes so much time and effort at place like this?

1.) Renee Zellweger in Carolina Herrera. My first thought when I saw her, was "Are her breasts exposed?!" That's never a good when you're talking about red carpet moment. The victorian look is very in right now, but matronly is not. The whole thing was probably meant to look goth-chic, but turned out to be drab-bleak! It's awful. Oh well, I never really expect much from Renee Zellweger nowadays.

Best Dressed

5.) Elizabeth Banks in J. Mendel. She looked so flawlessly romantic. I'm not really a huge fan of hers, acting or otherwise, but when I saw that dress on the red carpet-I just about sighed it was so beautiful. The hair went perfectly along with it-and it had just the right amount of romance, that didn't make you want to vomit. Lovely.

4.) Kate Beckinsale in J. Mendel. This wasn't going to be on my best dressed list. When I first saw it, I liked it, but I was extremely bothered by her hair. Kate Beckinsale has gorgeous hair-but she always puts it up in this side-part, severe updo for every awards show. I was getting so tired of it. But in the end, I couldn't deny the look of the dress on her. She looks like a Greek goddess in the pure white, with the unique accent of ruffles along the chest. It's very sophisticated. And my favorite "mermaid" style dress of the night.

3.) Angelina Jolie in Atelier Versace. Only the one and only Angelina could pull this look off, and do it perfectly. The slinkiness of the dress, and the way it just falls on her lithe frame-it's to die for. Not to mention, the hair and the best accessory of all, Mr. Brad Pitt himself. It's a win-win for her, even if she didn't go home with the Best Actress statue.

2.) Kate Winslet in Yves Saint Laurent. This is an example of the Not-so-basic black. She is so sleek, sexy, and sophisticated at the same time. The velvet belt, adds just the right amount of accent to her already stunning dress, but also emphasizes her narrow waist. It's so near perfection, I was so happy for her in all senses that evening.

1.) January Jones in Versace. I noticed as I was reviewing my best dressed list last night, that I stayed pretty close to the neutrals. Not a lot of the colors really gave me the right impression, and were either too much or too little. But when I saw Jones' Versace number-my jaw dropped to the floor. It is so breathtakingly beautiful, I just about died. Old Hollywood glamour came to life in my eyes, and she reminded me so much of Grace Kelly. The color of the gown, the hair, the makeup-was just right. Plus, the dress has pockets!!! That's always a plus, in my book.


Anonymous said...

January Jones is stunningly beautiful. Please tell me you watch Mad Men. Just the clothes and style alone makes it a Lainey show.

Lainey said...

I've watched a couple of episodes. I just have so many shows to follow-it's hard to keep track sometimes.


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