Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Sum of All Your Parts

Family Sunday. I wish Geo didn't have to work today, so that he could've hung out with me and my family. They miss him. Shoot-I miss him, and I live with the guy! Hung out at the bookstore, as per usual-waiting around for our movie to start. Saw "Knowing" which was actually ok. I thought it was going to be the stupidest film. Plus, I kind of have an aversion to Nicholas Cage. So, the combination of that with the fact that it's a sci-fi/horror flick, made it completely unappealing. However, with much convincing from my dad, I gave it a shot, and came out pleasantly surprised.





My sissy poo. Completely tired from the day from walking around and being my unofficial paparazzi. Ain't she cute?! As you can see, we have a totally different sense of style. But I guess that comes with age as well. Although, when I was her age, I was way more into dresses and heels, than she is at 17. But she is still quite the stylish hipster.

Great day. My tummy is happy from good thai food, and my heart is happy from being with the fam bam. xoxo

On Me: Navy Peacoat-F21/Dress-TwelvebyTwelve/Belt-Vintage/Tights-UO/Boots-Guess by Marciano
On Victoria: Cord Blazer-Vintage/Beatles Tee-F21/Jeans and hoodie-Thrifted/Chuck Taylors/Bag-Nine West


Anonymous said...

I do love that navy peacoat, as you know.

modern antoinette said...

You look absolutely gorgeous in the second shot. I love what you are wearing.


Behind the Seams said...

love the second photo! ;)

Lorituela said...

nice outfit!
I just found your blog and i really love it!

come and vote!

love from spain,


esther said...

love your dress, love it all! your sister is totally cute and i agree, family days are the bessst.


Elaine, this is Ryan Qualls, we are now BLOG FRIENDS, killer blog! blog, blog, lol ololol

Ida said...

The dress is just adorable. Your sister and you look so much alike, too cute for words!


The Man Who Knew Too Much said...

I like the toning of the pictures. 2nd pic is best

Bella said...

Okay, the third image is just ridiculously gorgeous! xxx

Tiffany said...

you are so gorgeous. love the pictures and that coat you are wearing is so cute!

May Kasahara said...

so effin gorgeous!


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