Thursday, March 5, 2009


I did look quite cute today, but I wasn't in the mood to do anything with my face. Sometimes, I wake up in the morning and unless I'm really into what I'm doing that day-I just don't feel like putting any makeup on. Therefore, there will be no pictures of what I looked like today. Perhaps this weekend. My family is coming out to see me, and we're probably going to do something quite exhilarating. I hope so...I'm in desperate need of some exhilaration.

Some inspiring pics from other blogs:

Alexa Chung. When I thought this girl couldn't impress me more. I absolutely loved her pics from this mag. It showed off just how fun she is, and shows us how one can look good even while on a tight budget. Plus, I think I really want to wear that hat on a regular basis.

How hot is this? I love the exposed zipper, and the exposed back-obviously! It's so sexy yet chic at the same time. Makes me want to go out and party.

Balmain Fall 09. He's brilliant. I just can't get enough of Balmain. Every time I see his line, my jaw drops, and I begin to note which pieces I loved most, which of them I can find cheaper, and which I can recreate on my own.

Another fave Balmain look.

Natalie Portman in all of her Audrey Hepburn glory. She's sort of been my ultimate inspiration lately. I have to do a funny skit next week, which she was in, and so I'm trying to channel her energy through me. Haha. That's corny, right? Anything to help me perform confidently. I love everything about this-it's just so classic. Really-how can you go wrong?

okay, so I must write this paper that I have due tomorrow. I haven't started and have no clue what I'm writing about. Wish me luck.

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Krystal said...

gorgeous! just love them, always love balmain


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