Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Bottom of Your Heart

Let the Sunshine In...
What a gorgeous day it is today. I feel so thankful the sun's out, because it's been so cold and windy lately that I had to skip out on class yesterday. My throat was sore and I didn't feel like doing ANYTHING at all- except watch Gossip Girl, and all the other shows I've been missing due to rehearsal. So yay for warm weather, and gorgeous flowy dresses!





Crochet Dress-Angie/Tribal Necklace-Vintage/Gladiators-Blowfish


Maverick said...

I love Gossip Girl. I love Chuck Bass.

Nice blog :)

xoxo, mavi

Shin said...

I love your beautiful dress and that necklace is so pretty! xxoxoxo

Emily said...

What a great necklace! And doesn't blowfish make the most comfortable shoes?

modern antoinette said...

You are just so cute. I love your hair, it's so long and silky.

Thanks for the sweet comment...the food was amazing!!


karl's sweet child said...

you are so pretty!

Annie said...

love your sandals!

lauren baluyo said...

this photos look amazing. and you look so pretty and exotic! very niiiiice. keep it going girl!

katherinelou said...

pretty girl !
thanks for stopping by my blog !

Lorituela said...

The dress is fantastic!

So gorgeous!

Loved it!

Hugs from Spain!


Ida said...

That's what they call chic.



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