Saturday, March 7, 2009

Oh What a Day!

I had the greatest day. A much-needed family day commenced and it was such a joy to be around them. Especially my sister, who although 6 years my junior, is a heckuvahlot better dresser than yours truly. I've gotten so much inspiration from her throughout the years, that it's a bit of a shame we don't live together anymore. Another unfortunate thing of not living together is NO double wardrobe-which was always nice.

Walking around old town Burbank. It's always nice in Burbank. They have the mall right next door (even though it's not that great), parking is always free, and their Urban Outfitters is HUGE! My sis, the skinny model. I wish she were a little taller though, and 18-because apparently next season of ANTM, they're looking for girls 5'7" and below. I wanted to apply, but filming starts in April, and I'm in the middle of a show right now. That wouldn't have been wise.

Rummaging through the sale racks. I talked her out of getting this vintage looking backpack. It was on sale, but was still kinda ridiculous. And she talked me out of getting this pink, sequined, scalloped vest, which was super cute. Even my dad was kind of into it, but in the end-I made a very wise decision not to get it. I have to hold onto what's left of my money. Or lack thereof.

What a mess! I really need a good pair of moccasin flats.

I really really really want that chair in my home. Right now. I'm kind of have this obsession with Union Jacks. Just a lil'. *Note the belt I'm wearing. :)

I'm not gonna lie. I totally knew this picture was being taken. Lol :p

What a great day! I hope you all had just as great a day I did. xoxo

On Me: Leather Jacket-F21/Gray Tunic-UO/Tights-Target/Boots-Randolph Duke/Belt-Husbandee's UO/Purse-Franco Sarto
On Victoria: Bomber Jacket-Vintage/Tunic-Vintage/Sunglasses-Esprit/Bag-Nine West/Ankle Fringe Boots-Minnetonka/Jeans-Thrifted/Beanie-UO


Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

looks like a great day! love your outfit too

Rebecca said...

your sisters so cute, your hair I WANT, i love that last photo of youx

modern antoinette said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun. I love that chair too. I'm in love with your sister's green fringe bag.

You both have amazing hair!!


Elizabeth said...

i LOVE the shoes

May Kasahara said...

love that chair.
LOVE your boots more.

Vintage Tea said...

cute photos and love the outfits

Please come visit me at Vintage Tea!


L. said...

great chair! i want! oh and i like that fringed purse:)

Dooder City said...

love your outfit.

Lesley said...



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