Tuesday, May 18, 2010

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My baby graduated magna cum laude from CSUN's school of theatre this morning. And although it rained (a complete 180 from last year's ceremony) everyone still came out to support. Including my family, who had to drive all the way from Monrovia at 6am just to make it in time for the 8am ceremony. Why they punish the theatre students by having it that early every year is beyond me. Not gonna lie...a few tears were shed for both Geo and my theatre friends who I have experienced so much with at that school. It was a very proud and rewarding moment for me. I really loved my graduation last year, even in the 100 degree heat-but you sure can't beat a short ceremony due to the prospect of a thunderstorm. 

So how does one dress for something so eventful, and yet so wet? Well, I stuck with my original plan-my amazing H&M garden collection kimono dress, that I still hadn't worn. I knew the sun would come out eventually...that or the rain would cease. So as we were waiting for the wonderful brunch that we were about to dive into at Cafe Bizou-we decided to take some pictures outside. I just had to take advantage of the now wonderful weather. Brunch at Bizou, as always, was absolutely amazing. I ordered the same thing I did last year. And you really can't beat their top-notch service and selection of desserts. The only thing missing was my bestie twin because she had to work. But AJ got to represent for the both of them. :) 

So thankful for today, and so happy for my babe. I love you, George. xoxo

H&M Garden Collection dress/ F21 earrings and sunnies/ Vintage watch ring/Deena and Ozzy mesh boots


Beth said...

That kimono dress is gorgeous! It must have sold out really quickly because I didn't see it at any of my local H&M stores.

Your hair has such a pretty caramel tone to it.

Congrats to your fella for graduating!

Anonymous said...

the dress looks great on you, garden collection if im right? =)

ari said...

hey girl! you are rockin that dress and those sunnies, you make them look like $300 sunnies :)

about the H&m collection I forgot about that!!! I have to check the ones in my area.. then again I rarely go to the ones in my area.. :( I usually have to make a drive to go to the bigger ones... what area are you around.. I will probably go to the one in Costa Mesa, in the South Coast Plaza... I will double check, and call, thanks for the heads up! and good luck hope tou get one of those cute maxis!



Great pics!

You look awesome =)


umbrella-in-the-sun said...

OMG this is so cute! you are your boy are lovely together! Congrats to him on his graduation..and on pulling a babe like you ;)

Love your dress, looks perfect on you! The colours are wonderful!


kirstyb said...

love the H&M dress xxxx

Glamour Bbey. said...

Hay dear blogger!
How are you? I'm glad that I've visited this blog! She's lovely.

Please, check mine too & maybe we can follow eachother!
Love, Cindy.

Ana said...

Lainey you look so dreamy:) I love the outfit so much:)

Ohhh and I want your cute face right now:)

Lots of hugs

Karolina said...

This dress is so perfect on you, congratulations for George :)

Viv said...

that dress looks beautiful on you! love the colors!!


Taylor Sterling said...

oh wow you look stunning that that dress!! Congrats on his graduation!!

Kendr▲ said...

Awesome blog, very inspirational. I love all your posts and even had to go back pages!
Will be back for more :)

Hope you can visit mine and maybe even follow?

Nubiasnonsense said...

Your dress is so colorful and pretty and congrats to him... nice blog

Yary and Sary said...

what a beautiful dress girl!
i love it..

valncami said...

love the dress!! so pretty :] thanks for the comment on the blog! and oh this is random but i saw a while back you tried out for glee! when do you find out who they chose!? i hope theypick you :}

<3 xo, camilla

Karla said...

Nice blog!
I know where CSUN is! I live a couple minutes away there haha!

I like the colors of your dress. So pretty!

Theresa said...

you look amazing! I love how you combinded the dress with the booties!!


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