Saturday, May 22, 2010

Because we can Cannes!








(All images courtesy of The Fashion Spot)

It's Cannes season. Every year I look forward to Cannes, not just for the drop dead gorgeous red-carpet looks, but also for the chic photocalls, parties, and candids. I long for the day I can say I went to Cannes for a film. Here are a few of my fave pics from this year...

1.) One of the most stylish couples in my book, Diane Kruger and Josh Jackson in Chanel. 
2.) Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams for the Blue Valentine photocall. I know they're not a couple, but they sure would make a cute one.
3.) Love love love Emily Blunt's dress. She is so underrated. 
4.) Shia LeBouf and Carey Mulligan-one of the cutest couples in Hollywood. Such a mismatch but yet so perfect at the same time. 
5.) Ryan Gosling and his cutie costar "tweeting" or something. Adorbs.
6.) Russell Crowe aka my honey's doppleganger
7.) And last but certainly not least, my forever girl crush-Marion Cotillard. How gorgeous can her face get? She is definitely one of the few people I would lose speech over if I ever met.



Wendy said...

I adore the sunglasses in the last photo!

Anonymous said...

they would make the perfect couple!


Beth said...

Michelle Williams-- the dress, the shoes... so perfect.

Taylor Sterling said...

oh wow these are amazing! They all look amazing!! I love Cannes.

Joellen said...

Such a beautiful family in the first photos!

C.Chico said...

Diane Kruger looks amazing!

Anonymous said...

I love the first photo! and the one of the little girl on the phone

Fashion By He said...

awesome pictures, love the blog

LA said...

The sequin one is fantastic! O.O


Ria said...

Ryan Gosling looks so good with Michelle! Wow.

I don't know who Carey is but her and Shia look really strange together.

Dee said...

She is really underrated! I think Emily is fab and I wish Ryan & Michelle were a couple too. They sure are beautiful together... Cannes is so amazing

A and A said...

I love the selection you pulled. You are right... perfect. I once had a chance to go to Cannes with a new director that I barely knew... I said no. I sometimes regret it but then quickly remember that my intuition is always worth listening to.
but these pictures are making me wonder :)

love to you!
be well.

Ana said...

wooww they look so glamourous:)



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