Thursday, May 27, 2010

It's a love story

Jude and Sienna 2004



Jude and Sienna 2010



After 6 years, my heart still skips a little every time I see a photo of them. They are one of my favorite go-to couples for inspiration. So unique, and so perfectly put-together. I just thought I'd share the love. 


P.S. My babe's birthday is in a week!


Beth said...

They are impossibly stylish. Ugh, so good looking.

Jony said...

They are indeed cute and stylish!!!

Maria said...

I totally agree! Best lookig couple. He better not cheat again!

cute post*

- Maria, from L.A :)

samantha duenas said...

they are really suchhhh the prettiest couple ever.

Lisa Drives A Van said...

most attractive couple!
love your blog, just found it so definately following <3

Robyn said...

They look so good together. His shoes in the last photo make me wish my boyfriend dressed better... well I wish that a lot, but that just reminded me.

Glamour Bbey. said...

Hi blogger!
Your blog is very nice! I'm glad that I've found it!

Please, check mine too, it would be very nice of you. And maybe we can follow eachother!

Love Cindy,
And have a nice sunday!

Teresa said...

Yes, they are definitely one of the best dressed couples! Love Sienna's effortless chic look. I love those bleached hair pieces in the first photo!


ari said...

hey girl, thanks for your sweet comment, and YES i love them together as well, such a cute couple :)

Cindy said...

she really dresses her best when she's with him, although i don't know if i could forgive a cheater, lol. then again i don't find him attractive so that makes it harder (i know he's very good looking, he's just not my type).

the third set is one of my fav. candid shots of her in a looong time. amazing.

Francesca C said...

Jude is very very sexy :D

The Fashion Cloud said...

so with you on this one, they are a perfect couple, just look stunning and complement each other :)



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