Sunday, July 20, 2008

Last week of my life.

The last week of my old life anyway. Not necessarily a bad life, either. I'm just super excited to be starting anew with my love. I know we've been a huge part of each other's lives for about three years now. And I had been living with him on and off for a year. But this is different. It certainly feels different. This is the first time we'll be in our own space. To do anything we wish, and not have to worry about other people. I mean, yeah-the financial thing gets in the way. But it makes me feel good that we're at that point in our lives. He means the absolute world to this moment he is getting all of our furniture together for our move on the 26th. I can't believe that's this saturday. And he's making most of our stuff from scratch or totally revamping them to make them absolutely our own. Knowing that he cares this much, makes me even more excited. I have yet to see everything in its finished state. I'm anxious.

We went to my friend Anna's wedding yesterday. It was a beautiful wedding. Totally not my style. But then again, most weddings aren't. I'm kinda pretentious when it comes to planning things like that. I hate to admit it, but it's true. Nevertheless, the bride looked beautiful, and it was all beautiful. Sorry I'm saying beautiful too much. Blech. But of course being there made me think of my own wedding. I can't wait for the whole shabang ceremony that I have been dreaming of since I was a little girl. And yesterday, Geo and I actually began to talk about. He even gave me (and a few other people, in fact) a pseudo timeline. He says, it'll be after we both get our bachelor's degrees. Well...I get mine next year. But he doesn't get his till the year after. So, hmm...However...

It was the first time he ever actually asked me for the details of what I wanted my engagement ring to look like. We've always kind of talked about all this, but the fact that he actually asked me made me swoon. I was so elated. I told him this is what I wanted:

I didn't show him this exact one, but he gets it. I've never been a diamond kind of girl anyway. ;p

Well let's see. what else? I guess go see The Dark Knight. It's absolutely, breathtakingly, pitch-perfect. UH-MAY-ZING!

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