Monday, July 7, 2008

Making it work...

So. Last May, George and I went to the annual Renaissance Faire. It was a wonderful day, filled with swords, turkey-legs, corsets, and cleavage. But the best part about it was that it took you back to a totally different place. There was something magical about being there. I don't know if it was the heat, or the people, but there was just something about that day that made it seem fantastical.

We go over to buy some incense from this trader, and he seemed like a jolly fellow. And he tells us he had a magic trick for us. He had George and I hold two separate pieces of string and was able to unite the two to make it one whole string. He called it a love string, saying that the trick only worked for two people who were really in love and believed in that trick. I was so enamored by it, I took the string and tied it around Geo's neck.

It still remains around his neck to this day.

I don't know how it's remained to stay so intact, since it's been through so much in the last month and a half. But it's still there. And he assures me that he will never take it off until if falls off completely, or if he absolutely HAS TO have it off.

I was just thinking about it today. Being away from him right now is super hard. It's almost unbearable. But I know that what he's doing is necessary, and I just have to be patient about it all. I know that it doesn't take a "love string" for me to know how much he loves me. But come on! I mean, the thing isn't even its original color anymore. But he still wears it just as proudly as his $300 Invicta watch. And to me that says...well, a lot.

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Anonymous said...

no words can describe how sweet this is.


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