Monday, July 14, 2008

We kissed like we invented it...

God, Guy Garvey is such a poet. A man after my own heart, I say.

Anyhoo. What a weekend, eh? It seemed like I never stopped moving. It all started on Friday. My photoshoot with Danielle was an absolute success. It was hot as hell and I was dripping sweat all over the ground, but it was worth it when I saw the shots. Click my myspace to go check them out. A video of the day will be coming soon as well.

Saturday, Geo and I went apartment hunting out in Northridge. Our future home. It was pretty 50/50. There were some that we didn't like and some that we did like but were too expensive, and then some that were just, "wtf?!" But there was one that I was absolutely gaga over. So, I'm crossing my fingers that that one will work out.

My dad's 51st birthday was yesterday, and we celebrated by going to Raffi's, eating yummy Mediterranean food, and walking around Glendale's new Americana. Ok, so it's not so new, but new for my family anyway. My dad kept saying he liked The Grove much better, and I guess from a design standpoint I would have to agree. But in terms of shopping, the Americana is better for that. We saw Wanted, which I had been dying to see since I first saw the teaser trailer. I really liked it. I don't know if my dad did, but I really did enjoy it. The rest of my review for the movie can be found on facebook.

So, that was my weekend. And lately I feel like I've just been blogging for blogging's sake. I haven't created a new post in a couple days, and the last one was a sentence long, and about bug bites. Not exactly interesting.

I'm dying to see this

But I will probably end up seeing this...

Well, hope this finds you readers shortly. Tata.

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