Saturday, January 22, 2011

Across the Universe




Today was a day for my parents. I miss my sister a lot, but I love hanging out with my folks from time to time as well. We met up in Pasadena, shopped, ate at Noodle World (our fave), and laughed. It was a much needed break from all the packing and stressing due to the upcoming move. 
I'd like you to meet my beloved new cardigan. It reminds me of being in the desert and looking up at the stars, for some reason. I love the deep mustard/camel color of it, and the navajo print. And the way it just envelops me. It took me forever and a day to finally own it, and now I do. And I'm immensely happy. I miss my sister, she'd totally appreciate this sweater as much as I do.

For now I leave you with this cute picture of my mom, copying me. Haha!


Asos blanket cardigan/American Apparel tee/BDG jeggings/Wild Pair combat boots/F21 necklace


Love Bonche said...

i love the style!

Beenie said...

nice vest ;) love it

Sarah said...

loving the cardigan dear! It really suits you. i wanted to buy this too, but decided its better for darker hair- you proved it!! lovely xxx

Nadia Aboulhosn said...

omg i love this tribal print!

ari said...

love your new cardigan! love the print, the texture, and the color!
cant wait to see more of it here!

Shilpi said...

Love the mustard cardigan, it's incredible!

I love that picture of your mom too.. super adorable



Ria said...

Hahha I love the pic of your mom following you. Also 1st time here you are so cute. Great print on that cardigan.

Christine @ Fanciful Vision said...

Love your cardigan! And I just found your blog and it's great :)


livingbelowtheclouds said...

your mom is so cute :D

Charleston said...

love the mix of safari and bohemian vibes in this look. truely unique and stunning

Anonymous said...

i love the fit and the colors of the cardigan you have on! the way it drapes and hangs in all of the right places is perfect!


Blicious said...

you look amazing!! your mom is so cute!


coming clean said...



Tieka, Selective Potential said...

I absolutely loveeee that cardigan! The print is just gorgeous and it looks warm + comfy! xo

josephine said...

killer cardigan!

Shamime said...

These are great!
Thanks for your wonderful comment on Dylana's Post about me! I have started a new blog! Follow my new blog and let me know if you want to cross blog and be featured discussing your style and hopefully we can work something out!!!


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