Sunday, January 16, 2011

Show 'em what you're worth









Well today was an amazing day. I feel like I say that a lot on this blog-but today really was tops. I accompanied my best friend Kate to the bride expo in Downtown this morning to peruse wedding vendors and such. Those things are always so hit and miss. I think she got a lot of great information though, and we got a couple of cute photo booth pics to take home with us. Those are always fun. And since we were in town-we thought we might as well have lunch at Bottega Louie. I absolutely love the decor and style of that place. It was basically an old bank revamped to look like a restaurant-so it has that nice mix of industrial and retro at the same time. I ordered the eggs benedict and Kate had the portobello fries. You read correctly. Deep fried mushroom goodness...I was in heaven. Speaking of heaven...I had been looking for macarons EVERYWHERE in this damned city. And we finally found some-Kate and I were freaking out in the bakery-and people were staring, but we didn't give a hoot. I love my best friend. She's pretty much my soulmate.

MaxStudio velvet kimono-cardigan/F21 white tank, feather necklace and flower brogues/H&M skinnies/B.Makoswky crossbody bag/Vintage ring



Oh both of you look great in your specs!

C.Chico said...

your necklace is amazing!!!

Mei said...

Glad you had an amzing day! I love your necklace! So big, I love it.
Wow check those pastery and cakes.. yummy! x~

lauren baluyo said...

That feather necklace is fantastic and goes perfect with your beautiful and shiny locks.

Also,those macaroons are making me drool right now. I miss popping those little babies in my mouth. :P

xx Lauren

Cylia said...

im glad you had a great day:) those cupcakes, cookies etc. looked so good. defintiely craving for some now! pretty glasses.. Im in a serious need for new ones. *inspiration

Beckerman Girls said...

Looks like you guys had a freakin' fabbbbulous happy time!!! Love the pastry pics..yummmy...looks like you are in PARIS! And your style is soooo FABBBBBBBB!!!! BFF's are the BESSSSSSST!
xoThe Beckerman Girls

lolitasunglasses said...

Perfect shade of pink lipstick.
Wow your hair is gorgeously voluminous!!

I am Khatu said...

fried mushroom? I've heard of many fried foods, just not mushroom. I can only imagine how good it was.

Dylana Suarez said...

That cardigan is awesome! It's so boho but with an edge!


Ariana said...

Lovely style!
I'm a new follower on Bloglovin,I hope that become my follower too!

Becky-May said...

wow lovely blog! your shoes are amazing! i love them!

The Flower Girl


Giuli Kakoulli said...

Love your cardi!!! Great outfit!!

Stop by sometime! I'd love it if we could follow each other if you want xx

Mariel Torres said...

i love love love pastry shops!

Danielle said...

Bottega Louie is my ultimate fav!!! SO delish


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