Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Such great heights





So we're moving in less than 15 days. Yet again. I know it shouldn't even feel like a chore anymore since we do it every year, but each year it comes-and it still brings me no joy. The only part I like is that we're moving back to the same exact place we were before, except in a completely different unit-with outdoor space for barbeques, entertainment, etc...I look at it this way- it's one step closer to owning our dream home in Pasadena. *Sigh* Hopefully (crossing my fingers) we'll be homeowners next year. What I'll really miss from our current place is my massive bedroom-sized walk in closet. Shoe library and all. I can't bear to think about it right now...I'll think about it tomorrow. 
This is what I wore to run errands today. I couldn't wait to break in my new Sam Edelman's. And you know what? I never knew the amount of attention one can get from wearing 6 inch platforms. We were in line at Chipotle today, and no joke 5 women literally almost dropped their tray of food from gawking at them. :-/  I know I'm really late in the game when it comes to these babies, and at first I thought I wanted the Zoe's. But I'm really happy I went with the Zoyla's. Studs are really more my thing anyway. I'm a happy happy girl. Next dream shoes: LOUBS! Yeah, right ;)

MaxStudio sweater/F21 tank/BDG jeggings/Vintage flea market necklace/RayBans/Sam Edelman Zoyla


Dylana Suarez said...

Gorgeous sweater!



maggeygrace said...

The first picture of you is STUNNING! I love those boots. They are so edgy! I'm jealous.

raynette said...

hey elaine,
congrats on you and geo getting married. when did you get married. you might already know this blog but if you don't i think youll enjoy her style. http://www.lovemaegan.com/

hope you are doing well. xoxo

Erica Wark said...

Great boots! and i like the type of shots you did - very creative!!!

Love your blog - super cute!!

Hope you'll come visit me too and we can follow eachother??



diana kang said...

these are beautiful!

$75 to swimspot if you are interested!



Becky-May said...

beautiful shoes! i love them!

The Flower Girl



Anonymous said...

Love the gray sweater



laurenjean. said...

yes... i die over some christians. girl... you never know when you might score a pair. My little sis was gifted her first pair of loubs the other day. How the heck does my baby sis end up with a pair when i have none.

love the blog!!


Charleston said...

stunning texture to the jumper


CarrieJo said...

i love your header! this is my first visit to your blog and i am a follower!

Feline said...

I love those shoes!!

Ana* said...

Your boots are to die for!

Theonlyfashionprincess said...

you look great! the sweater and the boots are wonderfulll <3

Thekla said...

wow i love your sweater<3 its lovely!

http://inablondeworld.blogspot.com/ check it out:) if you want we can follow each other:)xx let me know xx

ari said...

gahh! love your shoes! Xx amazing.


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