Monday, February 1, 2010

Am I gonna be alright?


My current headshot, isn't even really my headshot. I got headshots done last summer with this extremely kind woman, named Mary Ann Halpin. I liked the way it turned out, but unfortunately the pictures just don't look like me anymore. I'll still use them for distribution purposes because I don't want to waste the money and time I spent getting them. But I'm pretty sure I should get new ones in the future. So for now, this should suffice. This came from a photo shoot I did with the lovely Danielle Palomares in 2008. Luckily, this looks more like me than my most recent headshots-so I figured why not?
Just spent the last 4 hours getting myself prepared to start my acting career. It's sort of been put on the back-burner for awhile now, because of certain life-altering situations...but I'm ready. I feel like I've waited long enough. If all goes well, I should have an audition for an original musical this week. Crossing fingers.



Siera Eden said...

i love this picture. and it totally looks like you now. so i say save money for a lil bit. this one TOTALLY works.

i love you.
and am crossing fingers on the audition for you :-)

Style State of Mind said...

yay!! best of luck to you and just keep on keepin' on!

and yes, GREAT headshot i love it!

M. said...

cute picture and blog!

lovelove, M.

esther said...

you are so gorgeous! (but i already knew that)
and that is really exciting about your acting career! good luck!

Tieka, Selective Potential said...

Oh my goodness, this is gorgeous. I love the photo!

Sushi said...

You're stunning hon and I love that lip colour! Btw I'm having a beauty giveaway at my blog x Sushi

Teresa said...

The headshot looks amazing! Beautiful photo. Definitely keep your money and just use these for now.


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