Monday, February 8, 2010

Set the fire to the 3rd bar

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These were shot by my sissy's blackberry. Who would've known a tiny camera phone would be able to take such clear photos? Anyway, my weekend was spent with the fambam-which is always nice, because I rarely get to see them. Especially my sister. But yesterday we went to my cousin's baby shower, which was good, because we got to watch the Superbowl on their big screen tv. I just stuffed my face with cupcakes the whole time. They were so yummy! Makes me want one real bad right now. Lol! So much for my recent health kick.

Since Valentine's day is only a week away, I wanted to post a little love snack for all of you...

Olivia Palermo and Johannes Huebl

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Such a lovely, stylish couple. Check out their Modern Love...


On Victoria: Vintage everything/F21 Cropped top
On Me: Vintage Blazer/UO top/Sneak Peek Skinnies/Cathy Jean gray booties


Bionica said...

lol on the love snack
guess it's always good lol

those pictures came out great and I really like the nature in the background

always fun

those oxfords are so cool
I saw some in silver by Steve Madden =)
fun !!

if you get a chance, check out my blog at and let me know what you think



coco said...

Olivia and her BF are kind of too perfect it hurts haha.

esther said...

wow, blackberry pictures!? that's impressive. i like!

oliva's man is SO hot.

sam. said...

awww the love snacks! they are adorbs. as are you and your sis!!


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