Thursday, February 11, 2010

Fall Sweetly

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RIP Alexander McQueen

One of the most inventive and innovative designers of all time. You will be missed.


In other outfit post, sorta. A half-assed outfit post, because I was feeling lazy. It wasn't that interesting anyway, because I just wore the usual black skinnies with my moto boots. But hubs kept telling me how beautiful I looked (blushes) so I thought I'd share. I'm so proud of my honey for being an all-around talented guy. I was beyond amazed by how brilliant his lighting design for Polaroid Stories came out. I feel like he can do anything.


F21 Earrings/H&M Scarf/TCEC Couture Motorcycle Jacket


srta a said...

was a genius. Amazing creations by an unique artist,


Bec said...

dammit, i'm supposed to be studying for exams. instead i found your blog today and have spent the time since then reading back through the archives. love it!


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