Sunday, February 1, 2009

Eyes on Fire

New Header!!! Courtesy of the boyfriend. He made it for me last night, and I was very pleased. All in all yesterday was a very good day. I went for a walk. I found a Franco Sarto patent leather handbag for $15! I baked yummy double chocolate chip brownies. And Geo and I created an impromptu photo shoot inspired by the Alexander Wang cut out sweater, everyone and their mom seems to be getting except for me. Well, for $595-it's a little ridiculous for me to be spending that much money on a sweater. Perhaps I'll wait for it to appear on ebay. The photoshoot pics can be seen on my flickr account, bouncing around on my side bar <------

Alexander Wang sweater

Franco Sarto Handbag

Yeah, mine pretty much looks exactly like this, except in forest green, and not in this nasty brown/mustard color. I love it. It's very retro. I think my sense of style is being inspired lately by watching too much Mad Men. It's very early 60s chic. But I am so loving that show-and their costumes are to die for!

P.S. I went to Starbucks yesterday, before my shopping day, because I definitely needed an Iced soy chai latte to get me going. I payed with a ripped dollar, and the girl wouldn't accept it. In fact-she scoffed at me! Geo told me that just as long as it's 2/3 intact-then it should be acceptable. I didn't want to get into it with her. But I gave her a glare, and didn't tip her. :p

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

i love your new header.

but man that is an ugly fucking sweater. if you want something like that, i can give you my black cardigan that was in my car when it caught on looked pretty close to that.


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