Saturday, February 28, 2009

You lighten up my heart...

Lust: Crave, Hunger, Covet, Yearn

This is strictly a LUST post!

Surface to Air. I really want good pair of wedges. Preferably gray. Preferably comfortable. Preferable these.

One 1930s. This dress makes me want to shove flowers in my hair, run around a deserted forest, and have my prince come rescue me. Hmm...perhaps I should tell George to set it up. Lol.

Unknown. This screams Sex and the City to me. I think that's why I love it so much. Really, I just want gorgeous diamond studded clutch I can wear with my little black dresses.

Tashkent by Cheyenne. My jaw dropped when I saw these. I love how the ruffle looks like it's throwing up all over the foot. And I have a weakness for anything that wraps and ties.

Balmain. If I could have any anything in the world, it would probably be Balmain's recent lineup of studded everything. This vest makes me crazy.

Balmain. Again. Makes me sick. But it's truly inspiring and I can't wait to be motivated enough to try creating my own.

Alexander Wang. This shoe reminds me of those dogs with the really long hair. So long, it covers up their faces. So cute, but yet so fierce.

Jeffrey Campbell. Cut-out anything makes me gaga. I tried to send the link to my babes, and hopefully he'll consider it. This ongoing recession is driving me nuts.


In other news. One of my dearest, bestest friends is in town. I cried when she left. And I cried again when I saw her. It's been two years. So we met up with a couple of our girlfriends at Lala's Grill in Studio City. Good friends, New friends, Amazing food--all in all, it was a great time to be had. And it was wonderful to see her-even if it was only for a day.



Iole said...

thank you!...
love all the pòicies you choose here and the nybag is so cute!
Hope to see you again!

Carmen Camille said...

oh, i love the grey boots!

Anonymous said...

only discover your blog today, but I'm in love with it. You have amazing fahion tips and photos! Amazing

Anonymous said...

I've driven past that place before, I'll have to try it.

Vintage Tea said...

Amazing choices. The bag is adorable. So carrie B

come see me here -


Rebecca said...

you look amazing in that picture,
i love the shoes on this post, and the waist coatsxxxxx

filthy lust said...

i want everything there!

modern antoinette said...

I love the studded blazer. I need to DIY it.


proudly says, said...

those shoes are so enticing.
give me an idea to go shopping for shoes again.

Nil said...

They are all must haves!!

Ida said...

A day spent with a good friend you haven't seen in ages is like nothing else, right?

The ruffled booties are absolutely stunning.


May Kasahara said...

that is an EXCELLENT list of lusts.
and dear lord you are gorgeous!

Erika Obscura said...

Thanks for commenting on my post. I'm glad you found it helpful :) Great picks here! Did you happen to see FXXI knock-offs of the Alexander Wang platforms? a way to fake it on the cheap.

lauren baluyo said...

The suede wedges are a definite must-cop piece! Oh and btw, Forever 21 made a replica of the Alexander Wang fringe platforms... I tried them on the other day...they are quite fierce.

I'm new to the fashion blogger world...and yours is quite cOoL!! Well done.

The beautiful and glammed said...

love the first shoes! cool blog coming from a new reader! <3 xx


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