Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Life Would Suck Without You

Forever United (pic from 4/17/2008)

Geo and I don't usually celebrate Hallmark holidays such as Valentine's Day, because we feel like you should love and appreciate the person you're with every minute of each day. So he and I are having a very low key V-day, which is super fine with me. I just can't wait for him to get home from work. I love you, George. ♥


This was last night. Geo and I saw Bill's New Frock over at my school, and it was freezing. I must've been wearing 5 layers. Well, anyhoo-sorry about the bad image quality-it was taken with a camera phone. I love the composition though. Leave it to my babes, to take interesting pics even with a cam phone.

I hope everyone has a great day! xoxo

Velvet Blazer-Vintage/Wool Hoodie-Mom's/Gray Scarf-H&M/Men's Tank-Hanes/Skinnies-DKNY/Biker Boots-Guess by Marciano


Rebecca said...

i totally 100% agree about the valentines day thing, i say the same thing, i dont send cards or anything, its a wasted day, you shouldnt need a day to show love.... not that i have anyone to show it to haha, hope you had a good day, i really like that photo xxx

Anonymous said...

happy valentine's day, dear! have lots of fun.

lolita said...

The first pic is adorable, i love your glasses!

lolita said...

Layout -> page elements -> add a gadget -> html!
then just take the embedding code from youtube etc and resize..i use width 200 height 160
Hope that helps!

kaitlyn said...

that scarf looks so warm and comfy.

Krystal said...

i agree with the propaganda hallmark holiday thing. we dont really celebrate that either, good call!! xx

Shen-Shen said...

I think you should love each other every second... but I won't say no to a commercialized day for love!

I love your blazer :D

Pratishtha Durga said...

Well, my husband and I are incurable romantics. And though I agree with you, V-day is a big excuse to do something extra special. Not extra-big, just special. So we had a dinner out, and then gave each other hand-made gifts. It was really sweet.

filthy lust said...

looks great! 5 layers and all.

Rebecca said...

ive tagged you xxx

Vintage Tea said...

Aw the top pik is soooo cute

Please check out


Anonymous said...

my stars, you have got quite the fashionista following, dontcha? :)

well deserved, I say!


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