Thursday, February 19, 2009

Lord knows, it would be the 1st time...



It's a glorious glorious day! The sun is shining, it's not too cold. I adore the weather right now, for it's perfection. I hope it lasts. It feels weird blogging these days, because school/rehearsals has officially taken over my life, and so I love the times I get to just relax and update for ya'll.

The Oscars are this weekend, and I'm not sure if I'm able to celebrate it to the fullest. I'll be doing makeup for a show that day until about 6. Hopefully, I'll finish beforehand, and get to just sit and be a wino for the rest of the evening-and drool over Robert Downey Jr.


He sure is dreamy.

Taylor Momsen in Siwy Jeans. I really need a good pair of charcoal gray skinnies. I love the way she dresses, but man-she needs to rethink that haircut. And does anybody know when new episodes of GG are coming back? I'm having withdrawals...

P.S. Happy 31st Anniversary to Mom and Pop. They're in Love. And I love them. So friggin cute.


Blazer-Vintage/Tee-American Apparel/Belt-Husbandee's/Blue Skinnies-DKNY/Gray Booties-Asos/Watch-Fossil


Mary said...

I like your blazer.
wow, 31 years, thats amazing and so sweet

filthy lust said...

little j, love. sweet blazer too, congrats to your parents.

Jenny H. said...

i love your bootsss

Emz said...

I love your blazer =) And i totally agree about taylor momsen! I feel like she needs to rethink the hair and make up considering her age

pangea said...

i love your blog and you are my first feature on my new blog

Emily said...

these pictures are spectacular! what program do you use to edit them? love your boots too =D

die tägliche revolution said...

hey hun, found you through 'pangea's blog & wanted to let you know that i love your page! and your blazer fits you wonderfully. :D

take care!

She's Dressing Up said...

I love the turn-up on your jeans!
Taylor Momsen's hair annoys me too haha

Rebecca said...

your really beautiful, love the blazerx

Kay said...

I love your jeans with those boots, perfect (:

Arghh and I totally agree about Taylor Momsen's haircut, but I do love her jeans.

esther said...

i love siwy jeans!
and yes, for the 3rd monday or so in a row i have been excitedly waiting for my GG, but to no avail. when, i say when?


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